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As she struts.

The blonde in all her confidence started to strut towards me

Her eyes full of lust & love, wanting her body to be devoured

As she came towards me I could see her skin had a light sheen of moisture

I knew at once she was more then anticipating the feeling that would come over her, she was on the cusp right there

I let myself admire her beauty, the beauty that everyone sees & wants

Then I looked beyond the physical, to see the glow from within

The beauty that sits inside, shaped by life, the scars she hates, the scars that I heal

I make sure she knows from my eyes, this is the beauty that I admire most

As she climbs up onto the bed, I can’t help but let her take my breath away

With her long blonde hair, her perfect bosom, a waist that is so well defined

As I look down I see her legs, her long lean legs, the legs she dislikes, I adore

In that moment she pounces, no more patience within her

She grabs my face, kissing me hard, I feel her tongue invite itself in to my mouth

I know what she is wanting, pleading for with her body

She knows I can never deny her, as the taste of her is my favourite reward

I start to slowly kiss my way down her body, to show her how much I appreciate her

This is not a wait she can tolerate, again my head is grabbed

This time pushing my mouth, right between her legs, to her sweet centre, to taste the honey I love most

To me, she knows, this is enough to bring me, to know the amount of pleasure I am giving her

When you truly love each other, it can be the pleasure of the other that means so much more

All of a sudden I feel her tense, I know this feeling all to well, the familiar feeling of her pleasure reaching its peak

Before I can think, the honey is pouring, pouring right into my mouth

I let her keep going, licking that honey out

Once I know she has finished for now, I slowly look up to see her face

And let her see the love in my eyes, the way my breasts are lifting & my nipples are hard

To show her it was her pleasure that turned my body into bliss, as my own honey is running down my leg.

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