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The Spirit of Love (Poetry)

The Spirit of Love

Having met at a dance, we talk all night,
Not wanting to let you out of my sight.

A shooting star gives us a treat
On that special day, we meet.

The sun’s coming up over the hill.
Quiet love. Be still.

We start strong, then get confused,
Even though we remain amused.

A lot to share as we take a walk,
Feeling of love whenever we talk.

We go on a hike and sit by a stream.
Don’t you see what I mean?

We plan weekend trips to have something to do.
But then sometimes we get angry and stew.

We discover each other ever so slow.
But we need thoughtfulness and compassion, I know.

I’m full of confusion through and through.
Despite the thriving excitement, she’s confused too.

Maybe someday we’ll straighten it all out
And then we’ll know what it’s all about!

Copyright © 2019, Glenn Stok
Originally published on Medium on Oct 26, 2019

Photo credit: By Radu Florin on Unsplash

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