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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

At times it’s okay not to be okay,

Come here and cry your tears away,

There’s someone who understands.

The world’s not always a safe place to be,

and this life’s not always kind;

At times you’d fall,

At times you’d cry,

At times you’d need

a helping hand.

Forget your troubles for a while,

and let your mind be still;

Lay down your burdens,

Lay down your cares,

Cast out your worries,

and your fears.

It’s okay though you’ve made some mistakes,

that’s what forgiveness is for;

It’s okay if you’re not perfect yet,

for you are still loved.

You can lay down your guard,

You can breathe out in relief,

You can rest, you can hide,

You can be weak,

No one will judge you,

No one will cast you away.

Weep with all your heart,

Cry with all of your tears,

Just know there’s someone near,

Someone who understands.

The above poem is included in Jocelyn’s book “Of Waves and Butterflies: Poems on Grief”.

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