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A Poem to the Island 

The ground that holds us up is filled with wonders,

For one, it is on it that all the activities under the Sun are played out.

Like the lives of people, and cycles of the earth.

The ground is the stage, and we are part of it

Have you ever seen the sea on a night that holds a full moon?

A night with clear skies, and the water glows from the light like at noon.

The rushing waves crashing on the rocks creates a breeze,

Fresh and true, wild and above all pure,

It shakes the earth like when the wind shakes the trees.

There’s glory and power in the waves,

But inland holds its own,

The mountaintops and animals there,

speak of the same

Wether it be the green blankets,

or the hot Sun bathed sand,

They all reflect

the work of a perfect artist’s hand.

Walking through the brush, and the gentle caress of the leaves on my skin,

It brings back time, I tremble,

and all I hear are the chirps of coquis

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