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Title Amnesia

The cherry tree died    I suspect it was a borer  
Its leaves droop    dry    brittle    The sparrow  
No longer perches there  
As when the tree had even one green bough  

What was the name of the book  
We loved where every word was true  
Your sister just got a tattoo  
I told her I lack the nerve for a thing like  

That or the right combination    of hysteria  
And commitment    The same combination
Needed for suicide    There is a bleak euphoria
In her—–the headlong blast of a train

Narrowly switching from end to mark
You know something about edges
You calmy walk    to the deck
And look out    over the rails of    bridges

And what voice speaks    what you inuit
In those moments    only you will know—-
But what you wear    is something like a woe
Coalesced out of some reduced pursuit

Once    I saw your suffering    as beautiful
Now    I see you’re suffering
Wavering on the point of resolution  no longer hopeful
I was a sheaf    and you were the binding

I gather straw from which your dreams
Were spun    and heap it into a storehouse
So you might draw from there    when    time comes
Beside you    until the current returns to your face

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