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Ramblings Part 7

Today I mused on luck

Since this is the seventh ramble

And seven is one of my lucky numbers

But then I really thought about luck


We assign some mystical power to luck

The power to make or break our fate

We even made a deity out of her

Luck be a lady tonight


We wear a special shirt to an event

Because everytime we do we win

But is it really luck

Or just our own belief


Is luck some cosmic driving force

Dictating our lives behind the scenes

Or are we just so convinced

That nothing good will ever come our way


So the next time you think you’re lucky

Stop and really think

Did Lady Luck smile tonight

Or maybe just maybe you made it happen


I have thoroughly been enjoying bringing my random thoughts to all of you. You’ve all been seeming to enjoy them so. Eventually I might collect all the ramblings into a single piece. If you enjoyed this then please like and follow. Till next time.

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