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And so it continues


The lights trickle

Shining, winking, twinkling

Bleeding on dark

Brilliantly, blindingly


The thoughts come now

Rushing, uncaring

With gaze kept high

Cage-less. Free-roaming.


The night so bold

Coming forth, residing

Yet day, sky hold

Seamlessly, beaut’f’ly


The emotions

Bundled, too close

For what lies far,

Too overwhelming


The Light burns

Tracking, raking, scorching

Staining the blue

Startlingly, brazenly


The Truth, unveil

Swiftly, unrolling

With thick, pure strokes

Broadening, clearly


The mist, of Twilight

Cascading, congealing

Sealing again

Quietly, sneakily


And so it continues

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