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You Lost Him

She lost him when she took his hard work for granted

Believing he’d always be her provider

She lost him when she insulted his physical appearance

Believing that lowering his self-esteem would keep him tied to her

She lost him when she tried to manipulate him over and over

Believing that his patience and respect would last forever

She lost him when she placed all the blame on him despite the growing evidence

Believing that he’d always take the hits for her and from her

She lost him when she betrayed his trust

Believing he’d forgive her always

She lost him when she snuck around while he worked to support the family

Believing she’d never get caught with her pants down around her ankles

She lost him when she abandoned him and her children for her lover

Believing that the love he once had would overlook all her sins

She lost him when she dug a knife into him daily after she left

Believing that your actions would not come back to haunt you

She lost him, and she will never get him back

No matter how much you believe otherwise

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