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Tell Me a Story!

Photo by ecodallaluna, Title: “Father & son“, Platform: Flickr

“Tell me a story!” 
a child begged 
because he knew 
that stories were the way
a Daddy showed a child love. 

“Just one more story!” 
A Daddy opened a book,
but he changed all the words
again and again.

A boy was outraged
and his Daddy laughed,
but he accepted
the correction,
until the next sentence
changed everything.

“Tell me a story!”
a Daddy asked
because he needed
to know his son
still loved him.

A boy opened
the book of his life
and shared his truth
the best he could,
sounding out each letter,
trying to get his story right.

A Dad was outraged,
but his boy didn’t laugh;

No one accepted a correction,
so a Dad became a Father.

A Father looked at the pages
and couldn’t understand;
You can’t correct a truth,
but you can see it
in different words
on the same pages.

“Tell me a story,”
no one asked
because the stories
we tell can turn
a Father into a stranger.

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