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Nothing More Than A Dream, I Say: A Poem by Mary Jones

I am paralyzed by a fictionalized view I once had

Changing misdemeanors into minors after swallowing a 

Tasteless soup, leaving bitter staining on my lips 

Nothing but the truth can I spew.

Now, we walk into a field, where faceless men chase me

Embedding themselves incessantly through my dreams

I’m all alone with no one to hear my screams.

Who can I blame?

It’s all the same, we walk into a field,

Where these faceless men still chase me,

Tailing me behind as close as a slight sliver of a cool breeze 

touching the back of your neck. 

I thought I lost them, squeezing through impossibly small spaces,

flying through the air, up, up, up

Into the sky I go, passing through clouds. 

I always thought they would be fluffy.

Somehow, I fall, 

falling into that sinking feeling you get riding down the back of a tall hill

My dad used to drive out to the country, driving through long, steep hills,

Is this a dream? Where have you been, daddy?

Mommy, I peed on myself. 

Why do dreams have to skim past the best parts? 

Back to reality. Don’t worry. They will still have time to catch me tomorrow. 

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