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You Pretend

Life is about pretending,

Pretending to be ok,

Even when the broken arrows of friendships stick out of your back,

Or when stranger’s judgmental eyes burn like flames and singe your delicate skin,

Or even when the rivers flow in frequent motion,

Trailing behind shattered dreams,

You pretend.

You pretend,

When the world spins and causes you to step left rather than right.

Or when the deep-rooted red-eyed devil within has to be calmed down.

You pretend.

That smile that everyone loves

Hides the regret and demonic death whispers you hear every day.

You are forced to pretend because society doesn’t take weakness too kindly.

Perfection is muddled under suicidal daydreams and anxiety crushed under medication.

Yes, you pretend.

You pretend,

so your kids won’t see that regret,

Or the way that you sleep,

Or the way that that regret made you weep.

So, you pretend.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

You pretend.

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