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One day I will be honest.

You’ll know when the whole world knows.

On that day you’ll see me

plodding in some creek,

crooning to shivering grass,

and making cattails my new mic.

I’ll make a new chain

but of tiny daisies and

I’ll wear it like an apron

to make all the O’Keeffes

of the world jealous.

I will become a flower

bending in the wind,

my roots bared

into saturated ground,

traveling miles underneath.

A drop of dew,

or perhaps,

a taste of you,

will nourish my cell wall

for centuries.

We’ll watch the sun blend

into horizon. Watch it

bleed Monet blues and greens.

The sky will blur to Starry Night

as we grip the grass

with our nails.

When the lightshow ends

we’ll be covered in

Earth’s shadow

and finally to ourselves.

I’ll turn to you

and press my lips

to tips of your ear.

And if you can hear me,

then you’ll hear me whisper

That for once,

My God,

I’m free.

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