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Darkness Swallows Us All

One day, the sun will set for the final time

The lands will decay, everything will die

There will be no warning, no rescue chime

You need to know this, why would I lie

The world will become shrouded in darkness

Various shades of black will be all that is visible

Some will not care, they simply couldn’t care less

Scientists will try to help, develop random tools

As everyone panics about the sun being gone

A few will accept their fate, calmness abound

Once the darkness swallows the world, it won’t be long

The thing we live on will die, black and round

If you really think about it, this is the truth

Everything will die, from plants to humans

All that will reside will be ash, bone, and tooth

The world we know we be a horrible dead land

Fear is absolutely the worst emotional reaction

Nothing can stop it, so why get all upset

Nothing can stop the dark world’s dead action

Enjoy the remaining that you are able to get

Riot and loot, gather all the physical goods

That’s idiotic but it may make you feel better

The words from the TV will be woulds and coulds

Nothing will be left, well, maybe a stray feather

Cover me in you thousands of black shades

I look forward to the day we all smother out

Watching all the people as their lives fade

Running around crying, screams and shouts

Acceptance is the key to ensure a calm death

Why worry about something that can’t be fixed

The healthiest people die just like those on meth

The light will fade so slightly, extinguishing our wicks

Goodnight sweet world, you were always a bitch

Take me into the darkest street side ditch

Embrace me in a love without a hitch

End my misery, scratch this forever itch

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