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The Cost of Death

How much would it take for you to insert a blade into your partner’s back?

Is there a dollar value associated with this process or is something else needed?

Is it money you are after or do you have your eyes on something else that you lack?

Let me tell you a secret, you will have to listen to my words, they must be heeded.

When the cash is in hand, there is little to stop the simple form of human motivation.

People murder other people for coins on the dollar, ten of them or millions.

When money is on the table, that really has a tendency to elevate the situation.

The amount is insignificant, the same process for pennies versus trillions.

Leave little doubt, robbing your mom is no different than sticking up a bank.

The only difference is how much cash am I going to get away with this time.

That and the penalty for the robbery, from life in prison to a lowly little spank.

A quarter from a misplaced purse or bands of bills, it’s all a serious crime.

At the end of the day, we will all die and end up sitting in the dark.

Do you want to have an exciting life or live as if you could have no fun?

You pick the weakest person, that is the one that you make your mark.

You may only stop once the robbery is complete and you are fully done.

Live life as if it were only going to last this the end of this final dull day.

Grab whatever you can and make a fleeting run for the finish line.

Pass it on to whomever you can, they will see it and have nothing to say.

Once you are dead, they will all be fighting, shouting ‘Mine!’

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