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The Hands of Death

The hands of time will forever tick

The sand of time will forever flow

The connection to time will forever exist

The end of time will never be kissed

Once you are gone, dead and buried

The world will continue to evolve

You life was insignificant, a false seed

The world with grow as you dissolve

Your wife, your kids, they move on

Your house and cars, sold and gone

You history slowly erased, cent by cent

Until you are nothing more than pile of lint

Don’t get sad, that time has quickly passed

Time continues on, oblivious of you

Those memories you had, gone just as fast

Forever banished into an oblivion of new

That excellent work you accomplished, gone

Along with your meticulously managed lawn

Nothing lasts, only the ticking hands of time

No one can stop it, that would be a crime

Just smile and wave as death swallows all

No use fighting, he strikes when it is certain

Into the darkness your life will slowly fall

Into the ground, your one and only final curtain

This is how it is done, centuries of the dead

If it works, don’t fix it, all in a dirt lined bed

No one can fix it, no one can make it stop

Look at your tombstone, a dead rose on top

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