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The Purpose of Life

We pray and we beg, a better life is needed

Nothing ever happens, we are sadly defeated

Our time we spend desperately searching for joy

Our time is wasted as we endlessly destroy

I can’t find the will to go on living

My time has come, no forgiving

Life is like a horrible dream, terror

Every time I take a long look in the mirror

Jesus can’t save me, I have decided

Life is over, the end is here, collided

Nothing can bring happiness, turmoil

A life here wasted, to darkness I am loyal

Do not cry when I finally pass

This is my selfish need, at last

Darkness will hold me for eternity

Hiding me away, no one can see

I do not fear the end, I beg for it

I do not worry, this life is pure shit

No more pain, not a bit of trouble

I will forever be in the midnight bubble

Happiness is a myth, a pipe dream

Into the dirt, I will join the dead team

There will be no fire, no agony

Just rest without the lifelong agony

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  1. When the food got stuck to the cooking pot, you pour water onto it and leave it aside…
    Time passed by and the food stuck became soft, you flip the pan and saw the food slide…
    When you are stuck in life, learn to slow down and pour some time into your heart, go give it a try…
    Do the things you love, eat and drink what you like, and you will see problems like clouds…these shall soon pass by.

    🙂 Smile. Chin up.