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Poetic Trance 

Poets Write Thoughts in an Indirect, Hopeful Dance

Enter the words upon the canvas white
Times past revered forward, a poet’s delight.
Now internal bliss held tight to chest,
Externally shared, eternity at rest.

Stories shared upon the frame
Of life lived greatly to no shame
Invested hours fraught with fear
Still lingers willingingly, closely near.

Write for the wisdom, share from the heart
Given to memory, right from the start.
Stop not once, nor twice it seems
But to write until our heart beat bleeds.

Carry on, wayward writer
Leave no paper ink-stain free
Pilfer through the forgotten, faded stories
And find the gem of words between.

Agonize over diction, straight faced
Find the voice of reason amidst the stony brow
Delve into the unknown realms
Whilst the barren days beckon you for now.

Write, write, writer create
Don’t hesitate, delay
Spill forth wisdom centrally
Seekers grasp the embellished foray.

The trance-state union of our minds
Blend one word at a time
Connected through writing stories
Pretend, for real, balance, the equilibrium.

No need to say it, the words echo out
Upon a canvas stained
Wrought with love, no doubt.
Ages past rush to forefront, we listen, now seen.

Writers unite upon the place of sacred trust
To build suspension gathered, released.  
In minds fraught with dross and rust.
Awaken poet, awake to heartfelt matters of loss not lust.

Fragrant hints, trails fail to lead
Unless hearts opened,
Minds built for speed.
Each legacy’s mark tis written in agony.

United echoes bounce country to shore
Chambers awaken to elegant cantor
Written for listeners, only beware.
Open the portal, the poet’s lare

Embraced the sound of trillium’s dare
Extinct no more, and strikingly rare
Still we write, though words between
We build poems, via faded prayer.

We send out the messages in daring gleams.
Held tightly to the bosom of daydreams
Invested time, seek ye the store
Keep writing forward, beyond the shore.

Yesteryear may nay arrive
All good we say in time delight.
Write on, poet, shine forth your light
We linger on each word, and bid thee goodnight.

 ~Just a thought by Pamela

Previously submitted on Medium, 11/9/2021.

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