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Lemon Balm pt. 2

It kind of sucks, but I get it

This is just how it goes

What is hot gets cold 

When the fire burns too low


It’s kind of funny, don’t you think?

Cause I secretly knew

Always question in your mind

when they say they’re into you


It’s deja vu


I’m not a virgin


I should be well-versed in this

Cause you’re not my first kiss

But your diss feels like ‘ish

And I miss

what I missed


in the hours that we shared

Claiming connections through confessions

Secret messages we bared




That clarity 

would lead to such sincerity

Confessions are just confessions | Not commitment for prosperity


We’re not a rarity


Is it the attention that you tasted, when I took the first bite?

The euphoria that came with all of the likes


All things are bound to past


Nothing’s made to last


 like the flicker of a light

Days drowning into night

Loves at first sight

Nah nah….. at first write


It’s a’ight

I totally get it

I’m the one who jumped in

It’s different

I can tell

There’s no point in pretend-


This is our ending

Excited waters brought to calm

In the end, who really won?

All that’s left is lemon balm

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