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The Seeker’s Path

The seeker often feels lost in this world. She feels misunderstood and often feels that she doesn’t really belong any place; anywhere; amongst anyone.

The seeker grows in her human body, never without a question too far from her lips and her heart about this world, humanity, the universe and more.

She strives onwards, constantly trying to make some sense and semblance of it all — but every time she comes to understand a little more, she is humbled into realising she actually really knows nothing.

The seeker continues to strive and search in her struggle, knowing there is so much more to all of this that surrounds her. She sees through the illusion; she sees through the reality created by humankind, and she sees through people, more often than not, too.

But the seeker… the seeker’s thirst can only ever be satiated by the elixir of Love that pours forth from her Lord. The discovery of this Love that never left — not once, not even for a moment — will be the one thing that breaks and makes her entire world in just a matter of moments.

And when those moments pass and the cradle of Love remains, the seeker steps out onto a new path: the path of Light — the path that leads to the knowing of God, paved with the Love of God every step of the way.

And so, the seeker continues forth — seeking, always seeking the Truth and the Love of her Lord in everything, in everyone and most importantly, in herself.

Because to know herself is to know her Lord. And to know her Lord is to know herself.

And He is the only thing that can never stop being known, being discovered, or being sought. He is boundless, without limits.

And so she remains a seeker.

She forever remains a seeker who is drunk in His Love.

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