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Am I Lost?

Hey tell me where to go?

tell me where to find? 

tell me where to end?

cause I kept running, running and running 

I kept chasing, chasing and chasing 

but hey! tell me 

Am I lost?

I tried so hard to know the start

I tried so hard to know the edge

and I tried so hard to know my place

but oh no! oh no! oh no!

I failed to believe that

if I wanna be a part of it, I have to be stupid

if I wanna be someone who fits in, have to be jugdy 

and if I wanna be like a lion, I shouldn’t be roaring!

but yes! yes! yes!

I tried so far till the end and I kept drowning

like my invisible bruises kept roaring

and they told me it’s okay, you’re just being tested

but bruises goes deeper and deeper

but hey! hey! hey!

I finally left the sinister, bruises under work

left that toxic fit in, now I’m fit and fine

what’s wrong in being a Pluto 

when different is all you want

now I’m happy being lost 

cause lost is all I want 

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