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Every night I get the same dream, I wake up and the time is fajr, I am home alone tempted to pray qasr, 

I hear a voice and it hits me, I need to ushr myself to the mosque before fajr cause i have made a pact to never miss another.

Beyond the front door, lies the hurdle, to walk the distance towards mosque for fajr, It is then I hear a voice, 

I hear this voice on my way to ushr myself to walk the distance towards mosque for fajr. This sound not of laughter and not of choice but a scream that signals danger. And so the crises in my mind occur. Should I stray from the path of fajr and help this poor scream which may need help from another. 

The streets still empty,, the sun is still at slumber, I may have a minute to assist this other but then 

I face, problem another, from where the scream had occur.

I walk with my ear in the air, waiting to hear for another early morning scare for which I had drifted away from my path towards fajr.

Another scream, this time closer,

The street lit up to guide only those who wish to ushr towards fajr but pitch black for people who look to help each other, 

another scream, this time closer,

I rant and rave but in silence, and fear the unknown in which I venture but every step becomes more and more like a trap set by azrael who wish to take my number but than I hear, 

another scream, this time closer,

I walk and walk a second I could see, never. Each step closer to wanting to head back to the path towards Fajr but every doubt in my mind that occur, I hear 

another scream, this time closer,

and finally when my eyes see colour, a well lit palace from where the voice had occur, I step forward to find myself in a blur, for it is no palace but the mosque of which path I rejected and dejected, and inside, I hear no scream but the sound of a man leading prayer, to which my heart beats for a moment of fresh air and I enter to join the prayers but I see no man but a dark mirror.

oh, mirror, I say mirror, where have you taken my prayer, you wish to show me my defections but mirror your reflection shows no perfection, It shows a man who could never successfully ushr himself to walk the distance towards mosque for fajr.

but then I hear allah u akbar, Yet, I turn around, to see my bedroom ceiling and me laying, awaiting Fajr.

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