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Time flew away

Silently in the moments

Of waiting for you, my Love.

I do not want you to stay

It is not some win or prey.

I always can see you above

When I look at the skyline

Or sun touches my V-neck line

It would be good if you were mine

But you aren’t at this time.

When I watch the clouds

I remember your eyes smiled.

Tenderness’ brown of sunrise

I saw your irises spark

There were times I was in the dark

Of the deeper environment –

Your labyrinth of the heart.

Now I am afar

Because you wanted me to.

I feel like I misunderstood

But maybe I wasn’t.

I went through the pain of rebirth

Here, I find that my pride is understood.

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The last poem I sent to the Writing competition for this year. I will send no more poems to the writing contests.

I like that poem because my time to rebirth is close. Next 2 weeks I will be in Dubai to look for answers for my life, mostly professional. I am not sure if I stay there to live, but I need these days to reorganize my being.

Do not give up your dreams, Simly family.

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