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Until when I hide?

Living in secret

Until when I hide?

Between the excuses

Of having no time

Or maybe was the dearest

Blindside of mine

Saving the merit

In a man that denied

I was no longer abused

By wasting my time

In hoping for changes

That went out of line

The conceal is ridiculous

Before the closed eyes

Of people that were

Just once by my side

When I gave in my reasons

To the man that proclaimed

He never concludes

Fighting for my sane

But still, he did not tell

A secret that breaks

Close people psyche

That kept me in a trap

Of beautiful talking

I  wonder if my mind

Is it strong enough

To break the confidence

Of heads in illusion

By telling the secret

That man still hides

Robbing me from my freedom

Since I always tried

To save his dignity

And make him survive

The breakup I gave him

To free my heart

By the cost of the grieving

Cutting the blood family’s ties.

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