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Project-House to Home Making- Executer-Scientist

She was brilliant student of science

she has scientific aptitude, 

she keenly observes animal earth and sky,

she asks good questions to me wondering,

how and what and why,

she makes smart guesses,

her analytical skill what might have

happened and when.

She does self made experiments

While doing her work

sometimes she tests my scientific thinking also by asking many,

smart questions to me which makes me think deeply,

that also clears my fundamental about life, science and technology

She teaches us how to make

the best use of smart phone,

she records pictures of nature phenomenon and cooking procedures,

she thinks all through what she has done in a day,

She draws intelligent conclusion about what she should have done,

wondering, asking, trusting and concluding;

She has unique way of her simple and graceful life

She is a scientist of her own field

Friends I am talking about my mother

I always wish my mother could have got opportunity to show her talent

outside home

My soul tells me if you want to be a woman scientist you must learn mom

analytical skills

I very humbly ask the “world” why mother is called just home maker,

doesn’t she deserve title of scientist- home maker.

Friends time has come to learn from every mother: immense patience and

skills of executing “house to home making “a scientific project.

By Sukarma Rani Thareja

Associate professor retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986

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