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Lab Coat  life moments-Madam Curie

One day age

searched her lab coat pocket

Many small big moments

Of life came out of her pocket

Some were full of joy

Some moments were special

When she wore bridal costume a navy blue gown

 Some moment were speechless They contained her two children toys pleasant memories, 

Some were full of sorrows, When in accident died her beloved husband a scientist.

Some very practical moments

Of spending useful time

On pain taking science experiment

Like treasure also came out of her lab coat pocket.

She was captain of her own ship

Some num moments were

When she was fighting

For bigger causes of science

With gender discrimination

Some moments had

Reflection of pitchblend,

Element Polonium and Radium

Some moments were full of radio activity.

Guess friends,

Whose life are these

picked moments —

Right friends

She was our respected Marie Curie

Who walked to path of two noble prizes

One in chemistry and other in physics

Her pocket was full of genuine love for her work moments,

 Which she crystallised them into her ,ambition and determination

 With which she persuaded her personal scientific life , 

And became big role model in history of science

 For every woman who wishes to contribute to science.

Sukarma Rani Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


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