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Rough Palms

Don’t ask what are

“speculative rough palms”

It is just not,

Designation or job

It is also not,

Family income source,

These “speculative rough palms”

Have flow right, with aims

And goals bright,

They have dual existence,

On Earth and on planet Mars,

These palms have paths mysterious,

Their hidden muscles are strong,

With fragrance sweet wide,

They are inquisitive,

Like “water well” thirsty,

On blue cloudy sky,

They are capable of bringing,

moon to Earth while playing

in odds.

“Speculative Rough palms” act as friends,

Mothers- Father to many souls,

Sometime in reality, sometime in dreams, Playing in odd, these speculative

rough palms, send, strong positive signals to lonely souls.

For one’s well fare,

These “speculative rough palms”,

Are neither trees nor leaves,

They act as manures to deserving,

Who are playing in the odds.

“Speculative Rough palms ” are,

Virtual painting- relations,

Of teacher taught,

They are like kites,

With invisible forces,

Which can keep one alive,

And are busy doing distance healing,

On Earth and planet Mars.

Friends! “Speculative rough palms “are,

Souls- woman scientist, astronauts,

Working in research sky virtual labs,

Send messages of aliens from sky,

Make mathematical determinants,

To solve hidden variables,

Equation of society-life,

Whisper and suggest foot prints,

Of water, flora- fauna voice and life, On remote parts of mother Earth

and planet Mars.

But mysteriously disappear, in vast blue sky.

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja,

Associate Professor-Retired

CSJM University

Alumnus IIT-K-1986,Ph.D(Chemistry)



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