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All There Is Left Is a Silhouette | I don’t see you anymore

Ever since I understood love

There was a picture in my head

Clear as day

Beautiful as spring



Every time I found love in somebody

I tried to paint a face on the picture

Every time the love did not become mine

The picture shattered, shattered, and shattered

Every time my heart ached

My faith in love diminished

All there is left is a silhouette

Like shapes of clouds in the sky

I don’t know what the picture is

But if I concentrate hard enough

Your shape emerges faceless

It is fading away

I don’t have the energy to stop it

A spot that I reserved for you

It is now filled with stones of hurt

I don’t know if I find this love today

Will I be able to remove the wall and let you in?


Originally published on medium.com

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