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Fantastic Figment

Moonlight touches gently down
to land on terrible remains of
beast in boneyard ever still
yet tremors harbor future woes

No sound shifts silent majesty
as nighttime holds it’s breath to wait

and wait again then willingly
to sacrifice to Dawn’s true might

and safety bought supremacy

The pitiful chimera

turned to stone by
Gorgon’s hateful glare

stands gaitless for eternity
with acid rain and heartless wind
upon a ruined tapestry

Its wings once strong
and loathsome now
lay broken useless,
lifeless at the

yellow taloned feet below
like moths caught in blue agony

to crumble in a sizzling heap

It’s once proud main

now stump and perch

For scornful birds to
feed and preen and

roost within its armory

now hollowed raw

a harmless host to augury

which but ignored speaks warning words

But proudful eyes

tend only that

which prized and praised

to seek the ways which boast
of heartless ruler be

of night and light and

all between once tempered by

a terrors reign

forgotten now in
Spring’s soft ways

Avoiding signs of growing thaw
to crack the stone and
soon reveal vile dread reborn

with wings reformed and sharpened teeth

to rend and tear and victims
seek among the innocents who live
in vale and loch and glen and dale
for winter’s breath seeks like to like
and frees from frozen stone of aught
a horror brought unknowingly

And so soon now a Queen returns

with demon’s claw

and lion’s teeth
like sharpened shells of barnacle

and wings of membrane poisoning

those lodged within the hateful space

now space no more for heart replace
and breast regrown

and lion’s jaw to rip anew

a maiden’s hope who sees her
loved one torn from life

So take no peace

from dreamless sleep

or gentled warmth

or lover’s touch

or mother’s milk in loving arms

For soon comes that which

nightmare bears upon the wings
of sanities last gossamer

which holds it firm and now
released to free the beast once

trapped by glare of gaze to snare

By Gorgon’s hatred now long dead

Her eyes no longer there to trap

and freeze to leave

an evil bound unknowingly on

same sides were unholiness

and deaths true kiss once
strangers yet of goal the same

to hurt and purge the green remains

and all those habitating there
to season fear with hopeless plight

endeavoring to live despite

anathema’s unyielding touch

a bane existence

still to wield

And so a warning all do heed

Chimera’s obscene rule begins

anew once mirrored freedom brings

release to she thought long since gone
a shimmering of hatred bound

This poem was originally written for a Halloween anthology that was seeking poetry about frightening creatures from any tradition.  I edited it and was only going to include one poem per monster type.  As I saw all the poems coming in it seemed like everything more familiar and mainstream for Halloween were over represented with at least one fantastic poem I wanted to include.  That left me at the end trying to come up with a monster that hadn’t been written about yet.  

I’m not sure where I came up with the idea of the chimera, which according to Greek mythology, was a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature, which was the sum of three different animals.  It is usually described as a lion, with the head of a goat protruding from its back, and a tail that might end with a snake’s head, or alternately a lion’s head, goat’s body and dragons tail. 

It’s wonderful when you are left with little time to get a piece in and the words just somehow flow.  That was how it was with this poem.  Phrases came out of nowhere and the intermittent rhyme scheme happened largely on it own as I spoke the words while walking around in my apartment then typing them out to see how they played.  The result is what you see above.  

Writers can’t usually rely on our muse as she’s fickle and rarely there when you need inspiration.  But when she appears, man, is the writing fun!

Thanks for reading.  As always, I greatly appreciate it!

– Taye

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