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Hers is a most peaceable disposition

now the rage of addiction is caged

and Hyde is no longer her constant companion;

he who caused Jekyll to weep like a woman ~

he who caused her to keen as a lost soul.

You are such a lovely lady to be on your own

a putative suitor once whispered

when she was still young.

You haven’t met the twin, she thought,

so gently let him go

before he did.

On the bridge of insanity,

between the abutments

of craving and compulsion,

where a drink is one too many

and a thousand not enough,

she would only introduce to him

her demons, calling each of them by name,

and each was named Legion.

She could not let him see the creature ~

birthed while supping from

her most sacred chalice ~

of such unspeakable disposition

it compelled her to propel to oblivion

and take her place at the altar

in the realm of hungry ghosts.

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