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Our Love Broke Through

Photo by mododeolhar from Pexels

Rubble is settling

Dust dancing on beams of light

My soul stretches, free.

The cage entombing my soul shattered,

Our love broke through.

The love between us is a powerful force,

raw, reverent, reverberating.

Defenses we had in place rendered obsolete, 

Our love broke through.

The love between us is transcendent.

It goes back lifetimes,

healing, freeing, soothing scars of the heart.

Time and space are meaningless divides,

Our love broke through. 

This is love that has brought our souls back to life 

time and time again

searching, always searching.

When we found each other, recognition flared.

We fit. 

The walls we built around our hearts, from years of hurts and lies and betrayals, 

are but rubble now. 

Our love broke through.

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