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Without Reason

That bonfire’s luminance expressed your best features.  

The only traits I see and for years I’ve adored every molecule and memory that is you –  

 – and I won’t ever earn a permanent, until-death-do-us-part spot inside those cardiac walls where the birth of a star is a common occurence.  

I’ve lied for five years, the biggest lie ever left untold, this secret I know you know, drives me insane each time I drive away from Emmaus.  

No we are just friends, best friends as they say, but I want to be more than best.  

I want perfection.  

This toxicity consumes my breath and ruptures my arteries that keep my heart intact, and well I don’t need to be a physician to know this is unhealthy…  

Just straight mental that I put up with it and let your complexity ruin the simple matter that couldn’t have met around a fire without reason.

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