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I’ve Got You…

I’ve got you,

When my thoughts start to wander to the dead corners of my space.

My mind is a light with shadows all out to get me.

The black of night gets blacker still as I clamor in the womb of my thoughts.

Not being able to see my questions, not being able to answer.

I plead for you to run, the words falling on blind ears.

The deafness of love beseeches you.

I’ve got you,

When the torrent of black nothing floods my lungs and leaves me gasping.

Skin peels from my flesh as the aberration robs my humanity.

The blackness everlasting, ever penetrating my being.

Dead corners were all but remembered, now all but forgotten.

You were standing there alone, facing me.

You were standing there alone, facing the little death of your soul.

I’ve got you,

Ensnared by love’s game, and the uncertainty of life.

The snake slithers as well as it can swim, you cannot escape.

Squeezing tighter and tighter, our breath matching tempos.

Our fates sealing together as the black consumes you.

The jaws of the little death spreading around your essence.

Past promises made, no longer kept, echo in your mind as you give in one more time.

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