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Effect of Body Language 


Effect of body language

Body language has an important role in the success

There is definitely an effect of heredity and environment on the life of every person, but at the same time, if he wants, he himself can develop many qualities in himself. You must have felt at one time or another that it is a little too much fun to talk with some people.

Everyone likes a smiling face. The smile on the face like the sparkle in the eyes, and the body language not only show happiness but also makes the person you meet happy. Nothing goes into smiling but many things can be evaluated from this. Just as clean clothes are a sign of taste, similarly good body language can become a sign of your success.

What is body language?

You all must have seen players, students, politicians, or youngsters raising two fingers. You understand without him saying anything that he is saying ‘we are winning’ or ‘we will win’. In a way, these people use body language to express their feelings.

Body language is actually the language of physical signs and expressions and it is as important as the use of words to speak.

I am a teacher and use body language very well in teaching students. When I ask the student whether the topic is understood or not, then if the student lies when he does not understand the topic, then I catch his lie from his body language because the student speaks ‘yes’ with his mouth but at the same time, His head is moving in a ‘no’ posture.

Understanding body language is also an art

• Usually when people go to an interview, their success depends more on the way of expressing themselves than on the correct answers to the questions asked. Sometimes it also happens that those who get good marks in written examinations fail in the interview. Actually, such people lack self-confidence which is evident from their body language. So keep one thing in mind, success in the interview depends more on the way of expressing them than on the right answers. The interviewer finds out the Liaquat from your expressions etc.

• Only the speaker who speaks is successful and can sense the mood of the listeners and speaks accordingly with confidence. It is said about Ustad Bismillah Khan that he never used to decide in advance what he would recite in a function. He used to decide after sitting on the stage and understanding the mood of the audience.

• Eyes are most important in body language. Eyes best express the relationship between two people. The truth is that what two people say to each other is 10 – 20 times more than they say through eye gestures. It is not at all necessary that when two people greet each other with hand gestures or with tongue, then the greeting is complete because sometimes the eyes greet someone, whether that person speaks with the mouth or not.

• Sometimes when we say something, it is not understood by the other until the various gestures of our body together, as well as prepare a model through the act of that spoken word and a picture of it. Don’t get bogged down in it because it is generally believed that the mind accepts something only when a picture of it is formed. That’s why whenever we utter a word, a picture of it is immediately formed in our minds. We try to speak according to the same picture during the conversation.

We can also guess the effect of body language from the fact that when we technically say that this is what we mean to say such a thing, then we are actually saying that we are drawing this conclusion from the physical gesture of the dominant person. 

Generally, the ability to understand gestures is in every person, but its level is different in all people. The person who understands his untold things without speaking to anyone just by his gesture, that person is also successful in his life or career.

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