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                              Time Management

Time Management

It seems very strange when we think about time, but when we live in time then it seems very simple. But no one is more powerful than time. And if no one has control over it, then why would the Mahabharata happen despite Lord Krishna being there? And then why did Lord Shri Ram, who was sitting on the throne in the morning, leaves for fourteen years of exile at the same time? Only because of time.

Sometimes it also seems that it is not that the creator of the world has created a power greater than himself so that there is a control over its sovereignty, power and this is the supreme power — time.

The speed of time is the same, it continues at the same speed from the first to the end. God has given everyone 24 hours a day. No one less or no one more than whether he is poor or rich. But now it depends on who uses this 24 hours how. In the same way, a small work done at the right time is very beneficial and after the passage of time even a great work done becomes in vain’.

If you are asked for any work, then your attitude should be that you do it on time. You will do the work in the same way, but it is very important to do it on time. Because that work is your top priority. So come, let us spend some time with some time management. And know about the 4 Best Techniques of some Time Management skills.

Work can be distributed in four ways.

1. Important and Urgent tasks.

2. Important but less Urgent tasks.

3. Urgent tasks on important.

4. Less important and less urgent tasks.

1) Urgent and important work

Urgent and important work should be done quickly. Due to not doing a lot of work on this, we become urgent and important. For example, by planning for the electric bills, income tax dates,s, and planning, we can complete this work in the given time. If we do not keep the program written according to the rule, then this number one list will keep on increasing. At least work should be done on this list, it has to be taken care of completely.

The list of important and urgent work should be short. If the work of the second group is not done on time, then they come into the first group.

If the work is not done on time, then it becomes big. If it is transformed into a big problem, then we can get buried under its burden. Then they work hard to complete the work, they complete the work. And if that work is not finished, then soon another new work stands in front.

2) Important but less urgent work

The work of this group is not urgent, but they are important. The purpose in our life will be decided, what is important in our life. If this is known and we have a definite direction of what to do in life, then we pay more attention to doing these important and less urgent tasks. The work in, this can sometimes become urgent due to a lack of attention.

3) Urgent but less important

These things keep attacking us. We force people to do that work. If they do that work, then the rest of the people get happiness. If we are doing those work for the people, then we become popular. That work is standing right in front of us. But for us, it is less important.

Urgent and less important, this work is very easy, we enjoy doing that work. As we meet a person from our society on the way, he invites us to the meeting of the society. It is important to him, but we are not important.

4) less urgent

Spending an hour or two reading papers every day, T.V. But watching serials, chatting with friends, sitting in the square, means less urgent and less important.

Many people get tired of pressing, urgent, and important tasks and there is only one way left in front of them. That means doing less important and less urgent work means doing the work of group four. Because of that, 90% of the time people go to the do urgent and important work.

If we have decided what is important to us in our life, then we can easily keep on laughing happily, without apologizing we can refuse other less important work. If our mind is touched with a big yes (coal), the rest of the things will not matter before us. If the goals of life are fixed, then the power to say no to the deeds done against our minds increases.

Effective and successful people keep themselves away from the tasks of Group 3 and 4 because whether they are urgent or not, they are not important.

By setting the goal of our life, a person who uses every second available from that point of view becomes successful in his life, by using this available second, getting happiness in every single moment, best wishes for fulfilling the purpose of our life!

Thank You

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