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The Dangers of Ambition

It was 140 pounds

I couldn’t lift it

As if I pulled from some ether

Tesla smiling down, but I wouldn’t know with my focus on the iron

Coated in colors of Kafka, this bar and I were both matter now

Changing shape

140 pounds would somehow make me less of what I was yesterday, but I can barely remember

Does the iron remember the fire?

Without eyes,

it asks me, ‘what is this place?’ and I respond that it is a garage

Like it would understand that

It says there is no place and points to Tesla

By now the bar is in the air and I cannot breathe

Without eyes, 

I cannot see and he puts me back on the rack

I know fear as I awake, with the image of the hammer

As if it was yesterday but I can barely remember

A time when I was not one hundred and forty pounds

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