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Desperate Housewife

‘’Desperate Housewife’’, the newspapers dubbed me, my career was over. Though caught between a rock and a hard place I had to testify I couldn’t plead the fifth.

‘’Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your honour, I’ve been unfair and dishonest towards my company and client. I not only lied to both parties but to some extent and degree defamed them; the only liar between them was me. I was introduced to the client by my friend Cindy, she calls me the ‘’Queen Of Real Estate’’.

He was looking for a house, upon seeing the client I fell for him. This led me to show him several houses without a sale. Though in good shape I told him some parts of it weren’t so we could continue until he liked me… an unconventional kind of courtship I guess. He eventually bought a house at half the price, I took it upon myself to pay the other half as if I’d sold it half price because of the ‘’damaged parts’’

‘’And after all that, he still didn’t notice me at least I think so… while he was out I broke in and damaged property. l broke the shower head slightly, fiddled with wires and messed with the plumbing.’’

‘’What do you mean by messed with the plumbing? Please refrain from using layman and umbrella terms in court.’’

‘’Sorry your honour, It’s difficult to explain. I wanted to cause flooding.’’

* Chuckle’s* ‘’Were you going to repair all that? Are you a jack of all trades Miss…?’’

‘’No though the idea was to meet him frequently.’’

‘’Were you aware that the wires you fiddled with could’ve caused an explosion?’’

*Looking at Stewart’s appalled face* ‘’… Y… Yes your honour I just never even imagined things would balloon to this magnitude and blow up in my face… I’m sorry Stew ‘’ (there’s commotion)

‘’ Order! , It’s been observed, that neither the client nor the company is to blame for costs incurred at the hands of one Miss Rose Hearthstone. She is guilty of fraud, breaking and entering, obstruction of justice and will be sentenced to 20 years.’’

Stewart: Honey don’t you think you made the story too short only 300…something words on here?

Rose: Our love cannot be measured by the length but by the depth Stew…plus thanks to you dropping the charges we are living and still living out the sequel.

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