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” You are fired! “



I just got fired from my job.

Serving justice for my people is something that I would like to do, 7 years of serving and now I just got fired for just one mistake.

People make mistakes, I just accidentally killed the murderer for the fact the police officers wanted it alive not dead.

I’m a detective, it was self-defence but now after the court meeting I won for defending myself, and just got fired in return.

I sigh. As I lifted the box in my hands and I walked through the hall and exited the building, I walked towards my blue car and I opened the door and put the box in the back seat.

Serving justice is something that I would like to do but now I got fired.


Hi, I’m Josh Linquinton, I’m a Harvard graduate of law and justice.

In my family. My grandfather, my great grandfather and my father are all detectives and lawyers.

We serve the needs of our people,

We promote equality in our nation.

I drove towards Lincoln street, the place I live.

I can’t bear to see my family’s faces when they found out I lost my job from the D.I.T (Detectives, Intellectual, Team).company.

It’s where the greatest detectives are known for, it was made by the government for all the detectives out there. Well lucky me! I live alone.

I was part of the team justice. Team justice is the greatest and highest rank in D.I.T Company and I was part of it. We were only 10 in the team.

I pulled over and parked my car in front of my house.

I opened my door as I dropped the box and I kicked it on the side.

I am exhausted.


I made my way towards my living room and I flopped myself on the couch.

” well.. What a great day it is”

I said with bitterness.

” Well yeah, it is a great day “

A woman’s voice said in the doorway. I turned my head to see who it was and it’s just my neighbour, lyqa monangten.

This blonde girl with blue eyes is my neighbor.

” had a rough day Mr. detective?

I heard what happened, I think I could help you, you know.”

She said as she crossed her arms and leaned on the wall beside the doorway.

I just hummed in response as I took the newspaper from my side table.

” Well, I guess I’ll just take a job like being a journalist, I’m not taking part in your religious ghosts or whatever that is. “

I said as I opened the newspaper and started to read it.

” It’s not a religious thing, okay?

Just listen. We have this problem and we need a detective and you are qualified for it. It does include religious things but remember it’s not what you think like the ghostbuster movie… I’m telling you, Josh, this is serious.”

She said as she sat down on a couch facing me.

I looked at her face and I examined her. Well, she does look serious,

She stared at me with patience,

I sigh, this woman can’t give me a break.

” fine… what is it? “

I asked, annoyed. She smirked mischievously.

Oh boy, I’m gonna regret this, I breathed deeply.

” Meet me at my house, at 7:00 pm “

She said as she left quickly.

I looked at the window as I stared at the grey clouds, let’s just get this over it.



“Hi! I’m Jerry, I’m part of this team!

Welcome to our team josh! Lyqa told us you were a detective and…then…

You..just got…fired. “

His introduction went from happy to

Awkward silence. I looked at lyqa as she avoided my stare. What a great way to introduce me, lyqa.

He has brown hair and hazel eyes and we are just at the same height and lyqa is just below my chin.

I just nodded my head and I rolled my eyes As I shook his hands.

” not much of a talker I see, are you a dead spirit or something?”

He said as he let go and laughed,

Lyqa giggled at his sentence.

And my face is just neutral, great I’m with these weirdos. Jerry wandered to the back of the church and lyqa stayed by my side.

” Why were you guys laughing? “

I asked about what happened earlier. She looked at me as she chuckled.

” Sometimes Dead spirits are just quiet, they are not much of a talker, they do speak but not much. “

She explained as she observed the entrance of the church of the orphanage.

” This place is creepy… “

I said as she nodded. I looked at the door which was completely locked, as I observed the surroundings, this place was abandoned.

Vines are all on the wall, and the grass is so tall, like half of my body.

” What happened to this place? “

I asked as I walked on the other side of the church, The wall is full of vines.

” That’s what we are trying to investigate, we need to know what happened..”

She said as she put her hand on the wall and she closed her eyes.

She stepped back as she felt something.

I looked at her confused by her actions as she stumbled back trembling in fear and she landed on the ground.

” What is it? “

I asked as I walked to her.

Her eyes are full of fear, I grab her hand and I help her to stand up.


Lyqa muttered. I looked at her.

” Hey, guys I found something!!! Quick!!!!”

Jerry yelled and he ran. Me and lyqa looked at each other as we ran and followed Jerry.

We ran towards the back of the Church.

I was shocked.

A three tombstone, in the middle of the cemetery, our names are ENGRAVED on it.

Josh Linquinton

1985- 2016


Lyqa monangten

1986- 2016


Jerry wonton

1982- 2016


” Is that? “

Lyqa muttered.

” it’s our names!!!!! See!!! There are dead spirits in here!!! “

Jerry yelled enthusiastically.

I examined the tombstones, impossible how can this be?


My heart started to pound very fast,

We were just here earlier and we have not seen this.

It was blank but now our tombstone just appeared.

But the grass is alive, no.. No.. This

Cannot be true, I stared at my name as I examined it. It’s my full name

It’s my-

” josh!!! “

I was back in myself as I heard someone shout.

I looked behind me as the two of them looked at the sky, it started to get dark.

I looked at the sky as the grey clouds got darker and darker.


A thunder boomed loudly and lyqa freaked a little.

Jerry ran towards the back door of the church as he kicked it down.

It started to rain badly and the wind started to get strong.

Lyqa took my hand as she pulled me inside the church, the wind was so strong that it pushed us all inside and the door just shut itself and it made a loud noise.

And We all landed on the floor.


” ow~ that hurts, these spirits really

Likes violence don’t they? “

Jerry moaned as he rubbed his head.

Lyqa just groaned and she sat up,

I sigh as I roll my eyes, I can handle landing on the ground.

Honestly, I always land on the ground in my previous job, especially chasing and investigating.

“Guys… isn’t it weird to see this? This Church looks clean and neat.”

Lyqa said as she stood up. I looked at the surroundings as I examined it,

” The long chairs are clean, the floor is black and the arrangements are organised. “

Jerry said as he stood up and I also stood up.

” But the outside is dirty and completely awful, like it was abandoned.”

Lyqa said as she sat down on the long chair in front.

” Well it is abandoned, according to what I observe, this must be the work of a devil. Lyqa you told me a devil can possess a body and they can control anything in their hands .

This is the work of a devil, not to mention, someone is here ….”

I said as I put my hands behind my back. Lyqa looked at me, and Jerry listened and he was trying to comprehend everything that I said but I continued.

” But the question is, how was it abandoned And why?.”

I said as I observed the place more.

” I searched online that this orphanage was established back in 1750, and then there was a big typhoon in 1800 that’s why it was abandoned.”

Jerry said as he crossed his arms.

” but the rumour about the missing clown spread wildfire in the village back in 1768. “

I said as lyqa looked at the pictures hanging on the wall.

“Look!!!! “

Lyqa yelled. We walked towards lyqa as she pointed at the pictures, 3 pictures in a big frame.

1750 , 1768, 1780.

I widened my eyes as I examined the pictures….

In 1750, the nuns and the children and the priest were smiling but They changed in the photo of 1768, and it stayed the same in 1780.

And the priest looks weird…his expression, they are smiling weirdly, it’s not a normal smile.

I widen my eyes.

Finally, it’s all connected.

I finally solved the Case…..

” Josh you were right, it is the work of a devil, because earlier I felt something big, it was trembling. If you must know josh, for the fact I was a victim of possession, I began to have this kind of ability to feel the spirits and a devil. “

Lyqa explained as Jerry looked at me.

” josh? “

Jerry asked as he put his hand on my shoulder.

” The case is finally solved.”

I said. Jerry was surprised and lyqa looked at me with wide eyes.

” Look at the pictures! 1750, 1768, 1780.

In the year 1768 and 1780 they were still the same.”

I said as I pointed my fingers at the pictures.

” The look of the priest hasn’t aged at all in 13 years, so have the children and the nuns, they haven’t aged at all.”

I continued as I walked away and I looked for a white cloth, I looked at the curtain and ripped half of it.

” josh! You shouldn’t have done that!”

Lyqa yelled. Jerry was alarmed and he stared at me curiously.

“The floor is black… this is a church, Now let me ask you a question Jerry.

Is the floor clean? “

I asked as I looked at him.

” Well yes, of course, it’s completely black and shiny! “

He said. I smirked.

” In my experience, I know a murderer when I see one.”

I dropped the white cloth and I stepped on it and I wiped it using my foot. The white cloth started to consume a dark red colour.

” blood? …..h- how…but it’s… clean..”

Jerry was astonished.

” Once the blood dries, it goes to a deep dark colour and it will reflect the black floor and then the darker the blood gets, the more the blood is not noticeable.”

I explained.

” That priest is a demon, he is a murderer…”

I finished my explanation.

Lyqa was shocked and Jerry was still astonished. We all looked at each other.

” they are still alive…”

We all said.

Someone clapped behind us.

*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*.

” Good job exorcist’s …”

A man’s deep voice can be heard.

We all turned around, it’s the same priest in the photo.

” It was quite entertaining….”

The priest said.

Lyqa trembled as she felt the devil.

Jerry held her shoulder to Calm her down.

” Now….mr.detective.. If you have solved the case, then what happened to the victims? “

The priest asked me as he grinned.

A creepy grin reaches towards his eyes, and his eyes are so dark.


” You eat them…you feed them to the children back in 1768. “

I said as I backed away slowly.

” Then what is the rumour again? tsk tsk tsk..”

He said as he pretended to think,

We all backed away.

” When I say run…run..”

I whispered to both of them.

We all looked at each other and we nodded.

” right! Whoever comes in this orphanage, he or she will disappear and never be seen again “.

The voice got darker as he said it.

And he looked at us with hunger in his eyes.

” RUN!!!”

I yelled. We all ran towards the door and we opened it, we ran inside and I think we are in a corridor.

” I think we are in a corridor!!!! “

Jerry yelled behind me.

” Well obviously!!!!!! I can see that!!!!!”

I yelled back.

Lyqa opened another door and we all came inside to hide.

“You can’t escape from me…”

The priest said.


Lyqa said as she put her finger in the middle of her lips.

We examined the room and it’s a bedroom with two beds and one nightstand in the middle with a lamp.

We all looked at the window and it’s starting to get dark.

“What time is it? “

Jerry whispered.

“Well it’s 6:00 pm”

Lyqa whispered back.

“Now.. We need to trap the demon inside this…”

Jerry whispered as he took out a small black chest. It’s made of metal and wood.

” It locks the devil inside.”

Lyqa said, Jerry nodded.

“But how?”

I whispered as we heard a creaking noise outside. We saw a black shoe walking under the door.

We all looked at each other.

” I know how…it’s my job…”

Lyqa whispered in my ear.

I just nodded, for now, I will put my trust in her, I have no choice, this is different from my previous job.


The door opened on its own and we saw him looking at us with a wide grin.

” We are all hungry…”

The priest whispered, we saw the children behind him. all of their eyes were all black and They were smiling.

We backed away slowly as they stared at us hungrily.


Someone Laughed. A creepy high pitch laugh.

The children ran away as the priest was hit by a red ball on his head.

And We immediately exited the room and we saw who threw the ball.

I was shocked it was

A Clown….

The missing Clown..

The clown’s right arm is missing, he is looking dead, his eyes are black and his face is covered with blood and his organs are falling out in his stomach.


The clown laughed as he started to sprint towards us, we ran and lyqa took the chest from Jerry.

” We need a Plan!!!!! “

She yelled. As we turned around in the corner and kept running.

Gosh, how big is this orphanage??!

” I have one plan, but first we need to lose this Clown!!!!! “

Jerry yelled behind us as we saw the clown still running towards us.


” Nothing is funny!!!!!!! “

Jerry yelled at the clown as we continued to find a way to lose this clown.

I saw the clown is holding another red ball but he doesn’t shoot us,

We turned to the right and we saw a

Closet and we all hid inside.

The clown ran past us laughing like a maniac.

We breathed in relief, we opened the closet as we lost sight of the clown.

And we saw a door on the other side and we decided to have a rest first before we proceed.


We breathed deeply as we finally lost sight of that clown.

“Ha~…ha..t- that…. Was…tiring…”

Jerry said completely out of breath.

I just sigh, I’m used to it.

Lyqa breathed in relief as she sat down on the floor,

We are in an empty room.

” We saw the clown, we saw the children, but we didn’t see any nuns.”

Lyqa said as she opened the chest and she started to whisper in Latin.

Something I Don’t understand.

Jerry walked towards me and he pulled me in the side, away from lyqa.

” don’t disturb her, she needs 30 minutes to say the incantation, that’s why we need to be away”

Jerry whispered, I nodded.

Lyqa hides in a closet and she whispers to herself.

” don’t worry she is invisible when she enchants it, but the problem is we need to keep this room silent.

We need to leave this room and we will meet her back in the Church “.

Jerry continued to explain. I looked at him as he took out a Bible.

” We need to face the devil to weaken him..”

He finished his words as we left the room.

” The devil started this, I will face the clown.”

I said as he looked at me.

” no…you can’t do this alone, we will face this together..you’re new, you’re not familiar with this josh”.

Jerry said as he looked at me seriously.

” Trust me, I know what I’m doing, there is something with that Clown.

I need to find that out, please.”

I said. I stared at him in the eyes,

He closed his eyes and he breathed deeply.

” just.don’t.die.”

He whispered as he walked away.

I walked through the corridor silently,

The missing clown, it’s weird.

He chased us earlier but he never tried to hit us with his red ball.

He should have hit us if he wanted to kill us, I can’t believe that I’m doing this. I closed my eyes as I breathed deeply.

I walked towards where we lost sight of the clown and I continued to move forward.

And then I saw the clown. He had his back turned around.

I took a deep breath and I exhaled silently.

Because I believe, once a victim will always stay a victim.

He turned around and he saw me, he didn’t smile like the priest and the children.


He laughed aloud as he sprinted towards me, I stayed in my position.

I closed my eyes waiting for anything to happen..

Always believe that Once a victim will always stay a victim.

It’s quiet…no sound..it was silent.

Nothing happened, I opened my eyes, he was in front of me. Not speaking or laughing, His face is empty.

I walked past him as he turned around to look at me.

” happy….children…..eating…body.”

He said with a broken deep voice.

Happy? Children? Eating? Body?

I looked at him confused. It’s sort of like a puzzle.

I widened my eyes as I realised what he said.

” The children are happy eating your b- body? “

I said. He looked at his body, his right hand missing, Organs falling out from his stomach.

” body…bury…cemetery….please..

Free me….”

He whispered. I nodded as I walked away.

” I promise..”

I said as I looked him in the eyes and I crossed my heart, he bowed and I left the corridor.

His body is buried in the cemetery, he wants his spirit to be free from this tragedy.



“Arghhh!!!!!!! ”

I heard Jerry yell. I opened the door in the Church and I barged in.

The priest is choking him in the air,

I grabbed the Bible that is on the floor and I threw it on the priest’s face. The priest stumbled back.

And Jerry landed on the floor hitting his back. He moaned in pain as I ran towards him and helped him to stand up, the children began to appear around us with smiling faces.

” Well good thing you’re alive..”

Jerry said as we looked at the children.

” Once a victim will always stay a victim”

I said as we backed away slowly.

He looked at me confusingly.

“Yessss!!! Children devour them!! “

The priest yelled as he flew up.

” never know what that means. “

He replied. Jerry looked at his watch and he checked the time and he smirked.

” 3.”

He whispered. I smirked knowingly.

” 2 “.

I said as I looked at the door waiting for her.

” 1 “.

We said it together.

*BANG!!!!! *

Lyqa barged in as she took out the small black chest and she threw it under the priest.

She yelled in Latin, which I couldn’t understand. But whatever, as long as we survive and win.

The priest got sucked inside with force, a white and black light lit up the priest.

The priest yelled in anguish, the children screamed and we covered our eyes because it was a high pitch scream.

Everything in the church is getting sucked inside the small chest.

The orphanage is starting to move, everything is going down, we all ran towards the front exit of the church.

” Everything is falling!!!! “

Jerry yelled. Behind us, I wonder why he is always at the back?.

The colour, the arrangement, it started to melt, lyqa managed to go outside and she reached for me.

I held her hand because everything is getting sucked by that chest.

Jerry hugged me as she pulled us outside and we all landed on the ground with a loud thud.

And the orphanage broke down, the clouds were back to normal, It stopped raining.

We all lie down on the ground panting heavily.

The church looks destroyed, the orphanage is ruined.

It feels like a typhoon just destroyed the orphanage.

Lyqa stood up and she walked to get the small chest.

And me? Well. I am completely tired,

But it was fun and scary.

I sigh as I look at Jerry smiling at the orphanage.

” Do you guys always do this? “

I asked them. Jerry smiled at me and nodded.

” Yes, yes we do. “

Jerry said as he stood up, he lends his hand towards me as I take it and I stand up.

” Yes, unfortunately, me and Jerry are the only ones in our team, we were partners.”

Lyqa said as she put the black chest inside her pocket.

” welcome in the team”

Lyqa said as she smiled at me, I smiled back.

” well come on then! Let’s go, our job is done”.

Jerry said as he put his other arm around my shoulder.

” yeah, I’m hungry let’s get something to eat first.”

Lyqa said. Jerry nodded as we walked away from the orphanage.

Well, I think I’m gonna enjoy my new job.

                   THE END 

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