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Secrets of a cartographer’s wife

The cartographer’s wife never told him

about her contributions to the maps.

Few tiny islands hidden in the middle

of an archipelago in the name of symmetry.

Some border line moved to more resemble

a face shape. The territory of England shortened

slightly, in a personal revenge.

One time, she renamed an insignificant river

in Bangladesh, after her lover. She pitied

the cartographer for being more furious

about the affair than about her intervention

in the world order. She knew that romances

were ephemeral, while naming things

changed them forever.

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    1. Hi Clare, thanks so much, that means a lot. I published a book in Polish previously but I have just finished my first poetry collection, Secrets of the Dictator’s Wife, in English. Currently, I am looking for a publisher. You can sign up for the updates on my website: https://katdybzynska.wixsite.com/page. There are also links there to some more poems, realised in magazines or anthologies worldwide and info about the writers retreat I am running in the south of Spain. My best!