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Why Your Student Loan Is Not The End Of The World

Gaining funds these days is more difficult than ever before.

This article is for those who feel doomed by not having enough money to pay their loans.

Have you ever tried to lighten the load through uncommon methods to earn extra income?

If not, I suggest you get a little creative by applying to game shows or entering sweepstakes. I recommend it, especially if you don’t have additional “skills” or the time to enter the freelance work world with.

Last year I entered a fun holiday sweepstake for Honey and guess what I won. I’ll admit I was a bit doubtful, mainly because sweepstakes are usually so competitive, but I actually won and I was really ecstatic. A little extra cash can always help, even if loan repayments are currently on pause.

One of my favorite sweepstakes links is Prizestakes. It’s an easy and accessible way to be on top of new sweepstakes daily. It’s where I found Honey!

If that does not work, you can always utilize your social skills by being a social media influencer or downloading cashback/ gift cards apps.

Here are some:

Rakuten – receive cash back when shopping. You will receive a payment every 3 months.

Mypoints – collect points when shopping. You can convert points to PayPal cash and other gift cards.

Ibotta – earn cashback when shopping.

Heartbeat – influencer marketing network that connects you to brands looking to compensate.

BlogMeetsBrand – influencer marketing network that can connect you to brands looking to compensate.

Buzzoole – an influencer marketing network that can connect you to brands looking to compensate.

Sweatcoin – gain coins for walking. You can trade in coins for cash or products.​

SliceThePie – make cash for writing reviews on music, audio branding, fashion items, and more.

Current – get paid to play music on your phone. Sign up and just press play and go about your day.

Lolli – For those looking to get into Bitcoin. You get cashback in Bitcoin when shopping with Lolli.

Fold - A Bitcoin cashback rewards app that allows you to earn Bitcoin when you shop. They also have a Bitcoin rewards debit card where you can win 1 whole bitcoin with your purchase on the spinwheel.

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