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Passion, temptation and love?

Do I love her? Why do I have such great desire to see her? Everything is happening very fast, until a few months ago, this would not pass from a simple utopia, because she lives very far from my country.

Although we are both Venezuelan, she emigrated 7 seven years ago to another country in South America.

Our parting was unpleasant, as our current relationships kept us focused and busy, we couldn’t say goodbye, but eventually we got in touch again.

As I explained in my previous post (, we are not lesbians, we have our partners, I even have a daughter.

But in the last seven months, we’ve been communicating again almost on a daily basis, even though I currently don’t have a smartphone and our conversations are limited to emails, we try to keep up to date.

We send each other photos, kisses, hugs, we remember old times, I really don’t know what we are doing.


A few months ago I plucked up the courage, I told her that, if one day I were to see her again, I would not bear the urge to kiss her on the mouth, caress her and that from now on I warned her that she would not do anything to prevent that. –

She only answered me with laughter. But after so much insistence, she confessed to me that she feels the same.

Happy. –

That confession has made me very happy, she should arrive in Venezuela in about seven days, I don’t know if we can see each other because she comes with her boyfriend.

I will do my best to see her, I want her very much, I know that we are putting a lot at risk, but it is a desire and an energy that she has there growing in us for more than a decade. What will happen?

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