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The “Kids-in-need” Trick

Taximan gets a call via a taxi app. A client just around the corner. A friendly woman with quite lovely looks enters his cab. Beautiful eyes. The rest of her face is covered by a mask. She seems highly stressed.

“Hi, would you mind driving me to Hanover?”


“Yes, I have to go to see my daughter. I got some strange WhatsApps today. She seems to be in trouble. She needs me.”

Suddenly she bursts out crying. Taximan hands her a tissue.

“Want to talk? What’s up, lady?”

“Since this morning, she’s texting me. That she had significant difficulties. That she needed money immediately. And she had to change her number. WTF* she never lost or broke her phone. It sounds so weird. As if she ain’t herself anymore, or as if she was drunk. That’s impossible. She’s got a baby. It’s not her.”

Taxi man is heading full speed to the motorway.

“Lady, don’t panic,” he utters. “We’ll be there in about 2 1/2 hours. You will see, your daughter is ok.”

“I tried to call her several times. But I got no reply. Where is she?” The woman speaks with a broken voice.

“Sorry lady, if you want, you can take off your mask if you’re vaccinated. I don’t care. I got four shots.”

“Thank you,” she replies. “I’m so worried, and I don’t have no one to call. I don’t know what to do.”

Taximan is already on his way on the Berlin autobahn.

“May I ask you how your daughter is as a person, how she’s in life?”

“Sure. She’s so happy and chilled with her daughter at the moment. She’s got the man of her dreams. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s strange. That’s why I’m so worried. I have to see her.”

Taximan leans back and thinks for a moment. His blue eyes reflect the emerging of a solution. There’s always a way out.

“Lady, could it be that your phone was hacked or so?”

“No idea.”

“Did you save the chat?”

“Should I?”

“Of course. You need a copy of the dialogue. If that’s a trick, you need info for the cops. Listen, just call your daughter from my phone on her regular number. Just to make sure.”


“Of course lady. You know, there are so many scammers and criminals online. Your story smells like tricks. These WhatsApps are fake.”

The woman has got a bit more relaxed. Taximan knows how to tune down people. He’s seen them all. She doesn’t answer.

“Maybe she’s out. It’s only six in the evening. Believe me, everything’s gonna be alright.” Taximan says, to console her.

“They have kidnapped her. Why did she ask for my bank account?” the woman adds with panic in her tone.

“Chill, ma’am, don’t worry. Is your daughter rich? Her dad? You?”

“Her dad, nope, he hasn’t got a dime. He’s a taxi driver. And me, well, I’ve got some savings but not too much. And she, she’s young. She’s got a decent income but savings at the age of 31?”

“See, there’s no motive. Kidnapping is a hell of a crime. It needs a lot of organization. Below one or 2 million, no one would do it, never ever. Allow me to call someone.”

“Hey Siri, emergency Yeşim.”

Two minutes later, his iPhone rings.

“Hi Yeşim. What’s up?”

“Not very much. Tomorrow is Good Friday. The fucking war in Ukraine keeps me busy. We’ve got a bunch of work. Our help is needed.”

“Understand. Do you mind doing me a favor?”

“Taxi, come on, my man, you’re always welcome. What’s the story?”

“I’ll put my phone on the loudspeaker. There’s a lady in my cab who was tricked, I guess. She’ll tell you.

Go on, Ma’am, help is on its way. Yeşim is the ultimate solution.”

At the same time somewhere in the southeast of Germany in the countryside near Cottbus.

“Mike, this bitch we called, she doesn’t react. She’s kinda block-headed.” says a bold headed young man with a swastika tattoo in his neck.

“I don’t care. Anyway, tonight we will make it to a hundred grant. And after Easter, believe me, we will have a million. And then we’ll go to join the Wagner group. With 1 million will be filthy rich in Russia.”

“But mate didn’t Putin say they were in Ukraine to fight the Nazis. So aren’t we natural-born Nazis?”

“Kevin, you stupid idiot. Nazi is just a word. It’s a pretext for fighting Ukraine. In reality, he loves people like us. All those who are against the fucking Americans, the Commies, the gays, the Friday for Future crap, and the German government assholes.”

The taxi has already left Berlin. At a 160 km/hr steady pace, Taximan is heading for Hanover. The woman is still on the phone with Yeşim.

“Listen, lady,” says Yeşim, “I tracked the phone number of those who called you. They are still busy calling people. They are located somewhere near Cottbus. And by the way, I have located the phone of your daughter. She’s in Hanover downtown in a shopping mall. Since this war is going on, several gangs play this ‘poor kids’ trick to make some money.”

“How do you know? I mean…”

“Sister, it’s my job. I’m a pro. Trust me. I don’t have much time lately. But now that I’m in the game. I believe a little pedagogic measure seems appropriate. But, I have to leave you now. Your daughter is calling.”

“How do you…?”

“I do know. It’s that simple. Lovely Easter day days. Take care. Stay safe.”

Another call. A friendly female voice is heard.

“Sorry, I’d like to talk to my mom, please.”

“I’m here, baby. I tried to reach you all day after you texted me that your phone was broken. And why do you have a new number, but this is your regular number. I’m so confused.”

The words spill out of the woman like a stream. She starts crying again.

“Mom, it’s all good. Calm down, will you? Come here over Easter. It will be nice.”

“I’m on my way in a taxi.”

“But mom, that’s crazy. It’s expensive.”

20 minutes later in a small village near Cottbus.

The roaring sound of some heavy motorbikes shakes the streets of Jänschwalde, a village near Cottbus.

“Mike, listen. Do you hear this noise? Who is that?”

“What? Some bikes, shut up; I have to concentrate. Chill man.”

Wham. With a loud cracking noise, the house door is smashed open. A gang of Angels enters the parlor.

The Angels start smashing the windows and the furniture in the ground floor . The door of the basement office flings open.

“Good evening, guys. It’s about time to talk.” With a hit of his baseball bat one of the Angels smashes the notebook on the table into pieces.

“Fuck, are you crazy?” Mike screams.

“Shut up, sucker.” A fist lands on Mike’s face, eventually breaking his nose.

“We were told that you’re tricking some innocent seniors. That’s not nice. I mean, that’s not what good boys should do before Easter. So gimme your phone, asshole.”

One of the Angels grabs Mike by the hand and presses his index finger on the touch sensor of his phone. The Angel opens WhatsApp and scrolls through the most recent chats.

“WTF. You guys cheated over 50 people and nicked them about 100 K.

Frank, Stef, could you clear the place, please. It’s a shame that these losers even tricked some parents of their buddies. How stupid can one be?

Anyway, they’ll kill them in jail. What a pity, they are so young. Either they’ll have their own brothers up to their asses or someone else. Kids’ porn is too much. Disgusting.”

“Mike, you didn’t tell me you were into pedophilia, Mike what are you up to?” asks Kevin with a frightened tone in his voice.

The Angel turns to Kevin. “Kevin, dear, you as well. Give me your phone. I’ll show you.”

While Frank and Stef are cleaning the spot, spraying some “Germany to Germans”, “Führer befiehl” (Führer give your orders), and some swastikas on the walls, two other Angels are leaving some visible traces of a Neo-Nazi gang activity everywhere in the house.

“Hey Ronnie,” the Angels’ boss shows Mike’s phone to his buddy. He grabs Mike’s index and opens a bitcoin wallet app. “Holy shit,” he mumbles.

He opens the banking app and quickly re-wires the money to the poor victims.

One good deed a day keeps the cops away.

Then he enters a crypto wallet address and sends 5 BTC and 10 Ether to it. “That’s worth the action, I’d say.”

One stroke for Kevin, another hit for Mike, and two well-known Neo Nazis lay on the floor unconscious.

“Let’s leave. The cops are on their way.”

Lausitzer Rundschau April 15, 2022

Neo-Nazi cell near Cottbus seized.

Upon an anonymous tip, Cottbus’ anti-terror squad has seized a house in Jänschwalde. According to the detective in chief, it must have been the headquarter of a Neo-Nazi gang. Apparently, the two suspects have cheated several people with the well-known “kids trick.” The “kids trick” consists of sending fake text messages or emails. Children claim to be desperate for money in these texts, and the victims are solicited to wire money to a specific bank account.

Besides, M (19) & K (20) have run an online store for child porn on the Darknet. Again, evidence was found on their smartphones.

The traces and evidence the forensic team found on-site conclude that the suspects have re-wired the collected fund to their victims. The reason remains still unclear. Cottbus’ attorney believes that the two have been attacked by their own gang. Probably the child porn activities didn’t comply with their group’s rules. Even Nazis have principles.

However, when the police found the two suspects, they were unconscious in their office. In addition, the house showed visible evidence of fights briefly before the police arrived.


Yeşim just got up and checked her emails and messages. She smiles. It can be helpful to be a hacker if you don’t like Nazis.

And now to you Mr. Putin. What can we do for you? Let’s play a bit. I am bored. And I’m in the mood for trouble.

Suddenly she’s fifteen again, in this park. She’s kneeling in front of this ugly, disgusting guy. Held down by his friend on her hair… A trauma she’ll never forget.

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    1. In fact, this day a former partner of mine called me, that someone was trying to play her this trick. She was completely out of mind. So I send a WhatsApp to the number I had of her daughter and 30 min later it was all cleared. And the I sent a WhatsApp to the scammer: “You don’t know who you’re dealing with. Run if you love your life :-). They didn’t dare replying…

      And this inspired me to write this story 🙂

      🖋🥁📷 Rocknrolll Shalt Rule Again, For Love and Peace in every Land!

      1. So sick of all the scammers out there today, it’s terrible. I wouldn’t mess with you either after that reply. At least you got a good story out of it!