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 At the point when the vast majority hear it, they consider my dad, Vasiliy Kozlov, the President of Russia. I have lived in his shadow for what seems like forever. Certain individuals think he is the best president that Russia has at any point had, that he is the hero of our country. Furthermore the facts confirm that he has been great for the country; our economy is superior to it at any point has been, our military is second just to the United States.

In any case, there are others that clash. Those individuals would say that my dad is a savage despot. They would specify that he has been president for almost thirty years, that he changed the length of an official term to the length of his lifetime. His resistance vanishes, somehow. There used to be a contradicting party, the Russian Workers’ Party, yet when their chief, Ivan Makarov, vanished three years prior, that was its finish. Previous party individuals rushed to conceal their previous affiliations, and that was that.

Relatively few individuals realize what truly continues in my dad’s administration. I know more than the ordinary resident, obviously, however my dad actually conceals things from me. I think that it is weird, in light of the fact that my dad has made it into law that on account of his passing, I ought to be president. Yet, father gets extremely furious when I ask him inquiries, so I don’t. Not any longer.

It isn’t up to me to have an assessment of my dad. I had one given to me, upon entering the world. What’s more I trusted it. I accepted that he was the best president Russia has at any point had, the best president on the planet. I accepted that he couldn’t be blamed under any circumstance. As of not long ago. Be that as it may, I am frightened. Is it off-base for me to question my dad like this? I have seen what has befallen his consultants, his partners, when they have even the smallest conflict with him. Could he treat me the same way, despite the fact that I am his child? There are such countless things I need to ask him, such countless things I believe I should know. What is he arranging? I realize that is an ambiguous inquiry, yet since the time my mother kicked the bucket, things have been unique.

I presumably ought to have let you know before, however my mother vanished three years prior, just after Ivan Makarov. One cool September morning, my dad woke up in an unfilled bed. He has been acting diversely from that point forward. I don’t think he is profoundly disturbed; he and my mom were rarely extremely close. I realize that sounds unusual, however it’s exactly the way in which things were. Yet, from that point forward, he has had a more noteworthy since of earnestness.

I read the report from different nations, despite the fact that I shouldn’t. The web is very helpful. I read the articles after Makarov’s vanishing, and after my moms. Individuals were dubiously intrigued, however no one truly discusses it any longer. All things considered, it was three years prior.

By and by, I figure they ought to talk. Regarding what, I can’t tell you. It will stand out as truly newsworthy in each country. It will be huge. Also it will have extremely large results.

However, I would rather not help him in this. My dad is a savage man. Pretty much every move he makes harms someone. Furthermore I realize that in the long run, it will hurt me. It as of now has. I would rather not become president. No one has each asked me how I truly need to treat, my fantasies are. I don’t have any acquaintance with myself, truly. I’m just sixteen. I don’t see much with regards to myself, or about my sentiments. In any case, I in all actuality do see right from wrong. Also I know how my dad will treat be extremely, wrong.

I’m not a political lobbyist. I know this sounds inhumane, yet I’m not as keen on forestalling how my dad will treat I am in removing myself from it. Anything he does, I need to remain behind him. Assuming he is harmed, I will resume his place and proceed from the last known stopping point. I don’t need that. I disdain being related with him. I disdain being in the public eye.

I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. I can’t zero in on my examinations, I scarcely make sure to eat. I simply wish I were another person. In any case, I can’t be. I can’t change who I am. At the point when individuals see my face, when individuals hear my name, they will consider my dad. They will consider what he has done.

I have said this generally so often, however I will say it once more. There is no other viable option for me. Perhaps you, understanding this, were trusting that I was going to detail my break, or defy my dad. Not a chance. I will succeed him as president, and I will do what he needs me to for what seems like forever. My main expectation in writing this down is that sometime in the not so distant future, somebody will know reality.

How treat mean by reality? Truly at times, individuals do terrible things on account of what others will think. I know beyond all doubt that when I am president, I will do a great deal of awful things. My activities will hurt individuals. In any case, I don’t have a decision. Since it is more awful for me to confront the outcomes of not doing something individuals anticipate that I should do, or need me to do, than it is for me to confront the genuine result of my activities. Individual human activities are characterized by others. How treat individuals anticipate that I should do? What is the standard?

I trust this has illuminated you, peruser. What’s more I trust that in some way, perhaps only a tad nibbled, your assessment of me has changed. I realize that this will not be found for some time, and you will have known about every one individuals that I’ve harmed, of the relative multitude of wrongs I will have done, yet that perhaps, quite possibly, you can think that it is some place somewhere down in your heart to identify, and see that, truly, I had no way out.

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