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Plane Crash – A Journey to the Heart

… Jocelyn stepped carefully inside the mountain. Richard, Averill, Katrina, and Matt followed her. It was pitch-black inside, so they lit a torch to see where they were going. The terrible smell got stronger as they walked more inside the rock walls. They grabbed a cloth, or whatever they had available, and held it in front of their nose. It was a terrible combination of mold, urine, and human excrement, which made it almost impossible to enter without gagging…

Matthew Palmer, a young and successful businessman, is on his flight home to Chicago when his plane crashes. Being the only survivor, he not only finds himself in the middle of nowhere but in a different time. Not knowing how he could return to the future, he joins a group of young people on a quest to free the kingdom of Cantley from a tyrant king. Many demanding and dangerous tasks await them. Will they be able to return the kingdom to its rightful heir? Will Matt find a way back to Chicago and his actual life?


1. Crashed Into the Forest

2. A Story of Truth

3. Leaving Blossomby

4. Strange Meeting

5. Grizzly Mountain

6. Stopping the Flames of Evil

7. Difficult Journey

8. Away From Civilization

9. A Heartfelt Conversation

10. Forceful Separation

11. Cantley’s Demon’s

12. Danger Within the Trees

13. She’s A Princess!

14. Tragic Storm

15. The Secret Passage

16. Castle Grounds

17. The Heir of Cantley Has Returned!

18. Damian’s Story

19. A Feast to Remember

20. Time to Return to Reality

A Note from the Author:

Writing “Plane Crash – A Journey to the Heart” was interesting for sure. When I wrote the original manuscripts for my Heavenly Bodyguards trilogy, I wrote all three books within a year. Plane Crash took me years to write. I am not even sure why. The plot and storyline came together quickly, and I knew how I wanted it to end, but I got stuck for a long time at about 2/3 in and couldn’t get myself out of that writing block. It was frustrating and annoying for impatient me, and so I left it be for several times before I was finally able to finish it.

The vision I have for my books is simple. I want to inspire; I want to take us back to clean, wholesome reading. I was disappointed when I didn’t find an agent or publisher, but now I see it as a blessing because I can stay true to myself and bring my book alive in a way that suits me. Like every author, I have my ideas and style, and I am okay with that. While I agree that books need to be formatted, edited, well written, and appealing, I feel that most publishers and editors take away much of the power of the author and destroy some of their ideas and visions.

I have always loved expressing myself in writing. For me, it is the easiest way to explain my thinking, frustrations, hurt, feelings, and so on. That’s why I write stories. I have a vivid imagination and like to disappear into a created dream world. I always loved reading, but the book has to speak to me, and I have to connect with it. When a book captures me, I am part of the story. I can see the characters and experience what they experience. It is kind of like “The NeverEnding Story.” As a writer, I try to bring that across too. I want my readers to feel like they are there. When I read reviews from readers, and they express that hope of mine, mentioning how much they loved being there with the characters, I feel like I did my job as an author.

I am someone who keeps details to a minimum and balanced. I want to use my imagination and not being told every single detail. If I wanted everything spelled out, I might as well watch the movie instead of reading the book.

As much as I love my freedom as an author, doing everything myself is exhausting. I used to have a fantastic editor, but she had to quit for personal reasons, and now I am making it work on my own. Luckily there are excellent editing and grammar programs out there. Yes, I am aware that my books might not be precisely like books from publishers, but maybe being a bit different is a good thing. I have learned so much about writing, editing, and grammar, and I continue to learn. Doubt and worry find me regularly, but I feel comforted knowing that a lot of authors from the past, self-published, and were successful too. (I know what you are going to say, most of these authors didn’t gain real success until after their death. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to that for me.) 

I hope that my books touch people, and everyone can understand and enjoy them. I feel like many books try to appeal to the intellectual people and use a lot of complicated vocabulary, but very few speak like that in real life, and I like to keep it real.

I hope you enjoy this little story of hope, honesty, love, loyalty, clean fun and humor, and pure affections and feelings that seemed to have been lost in today’s world.

Let’s dream together and explore a world full of wonder, magic, kindness, love, and faith.


Rebecca Lange

1. Crashed Into the Forest

  “This is the final boarding call for passenger Mr. Matthew Palmer booked on flight 479A to Chicago. Please proceed to gate five immediately. The final checks are being completed, and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for passenger Mr. Matthew Palmer. Thank you.”


  Matt was panting when he reached his seat and sat down. His palms and forehead were sticky and sweaty. He pulled a tissue out of his pocket to dry the moisture off his skin. The delayed flight from Birmingham nearly made him miss his connection. Instead of walking through Heathrow Airport, he had to run to make it. The aircraft doors closed the moment he entered the plane.


  As a successful International Travel Consultant, Matt had to go on many business trips throughout the year. He had spent a week in England by going from one conference or meeting to another. Now he was on the flight back home to Chicago.

  Matt loved his job, even if it was stressful. Getting an occupation that allowed him to travel the world had been his dream since early childhood. That dream became a reality when his current company hired him.

  Matt was a good-looking guy. He was tall, with ebony hair and a handsome smile. Since his job required him to wear suits, women were drawn to him, which made dating boring.

  Any attempted relationships failed. He broke up with anyone as soon as they wanted to get more serious and tried to tie him down. He enjoyed his single life and didn’t see the need for a committed attachment.

  Both his siblings were married. Visiting his brother and sister and their spouses and children was one of his favorite activities. Though he loved the time he got to spend with his family, it wasn’t significant enough to change his lifestyle and give up his freedom. He was thirty-five years old. Living life to the fullest before getting attached and hooked for good, required his total commitment. His sister Emily had tried talking to him many times, and flat-out told him he needed to stop playing around and grow up. She insisted on taking the feelings of the girls he dated seriously and not mess with their hearts anymore. He didn’t listen.

  Matt realized that most of the women he dated hoped for more than a quick fling, but he saw nothing wrong with his behavior. He kept telling his sister if they were willing to be in a relationship with him, they were willing to accept a break-up. It didn’t take him long to find a new date or girlfriend, which made him prideful and arrogant.

  Ironically his best friend was a girl, and they had been best friends since High School. He had been the most popular guy in school; she the shy next-door neighbor. He made sure though that she was treated with dignity and respect. It didn’t matter how proud he was about relationships and girls; he always saw her as an equal. Matt stood up for her whenever necessary, and he was protective of her.

  Laura was his soul mate. They shared many similar interests and were there for each other when they needed someone. Matt asked her for advice and help whenever he was in a complicated relationship. He was her shoulder to cry on when a guy broke her heart once again. She had high moral standards, and guys dumped her when they wanted more she was willing to give. He always smiled about her strict morals but deep inside admired and respected her for it.

  Laura was shy around other people, but not with him. She became straight forward and blunt if she felt he needed tough love. If she thought he sucked for treating a girl a certain way, she told him that.


  As soon as Matt was comfortable in his seat, he grabbed his laptop and started working on the material he needed for his next meeting. As a committed workaholic, he used any free time for preparations.

  The flight attendant started going through the usual safety procedures, and Matt put his laptop away and leaned back in his seat. He loved traveling business class and didn’t envy those with less legroom.

  Since it would be a long flight, he got his blanket out to make himself more comfortable. The plane rolled away from the gate, and Matt closed his eyes. He was deep asleep before the aircraft even reached the runway.


  Someone shaking his shoulders woke him. He looked up, and one of the flight attendants was right next to him, urging him to secure his seat belt. The plane rattled and dropped from moment to moment.

  Matt leaned his head back. His stomach always took it personally when turbulences made things difficult, and so he breathed through the urge of wanting to vomit. When another flight attendant walked passed him, he stopped her.

  “What’s going on?”

  She looked at him, trying to calm herself, but her eyes told him she was worried and even scared.

  “We are in the middle of a terrible storm.” As if on cue, the lights turned off, and the plane dropped several feet. Passengers screamed out of fear, and Matt held on to his seat.

  The plane jumped up and down now. A flight attendant announced through a microphone they were getting ready for an emergency landing.

  The aircraft was being stirred towards the ground, dropping lower and lower. Matt gazed out of the window as the plane flew above a forest. A moment later, lightning struck the aircraft, causing the engines to stop.

  The plane plummeted fast. Passengers screamed and cried, and panic spread through the entire aircraft. The flight attendants tried to calm everyone as much as possible, urging the passengers to get into the emergency sitting position.

  The aircraft went down mercilessly. Matt closed his eyes, praying that he would make it through this alive.

  Within minutes, the airplane crashed into the trees he had seen from above. It slowed the fall but didn’t stop the plane from hitting the ground. Everything went black.


  When Matt woke up, his entire body was in pain. He examined his head and found a gash on his forehead and another wound behind his right ear. He tried to remember what had happened, but couldn’t at first. The lights in the plane only lit up occasionally. He detected the scent of smoke and heard thunder and rain outside. Besides that, everything was quiet.

  As soon as he stood up, he saw the devastating destruction around him. None of the other passengers or flight attendants moved. The crash had killed everyone. Matt checked on several people to see if anyone was alive, but nobody was breathing, and they didn’t have a pulse.

  Matt went into the cockpit, but the pilots were dead too. He didn’t know what to do. He looked through the shattered windows of the cockpit. It was still raining and pitch-black outside.

  Matt nodded to himself. Of course, it was dark. He had chosen a night flight on purpose. He looked for emergency equipment, phones, or something to get in touch with someone, but everything was destroyed and broken. Nothing worked anymore.

  Smoke clouds came from the front of the plane. He checked for a fire, but the pouring rain was so intense it must have extinguished the flames.

  Walking back to his seat was a traumatizing experience. The dead bodies had sustained immense injuries, and seeing so much blood made him gag. He wanted to be somewhere else, but what was he supposed to do? Someone would come soon to see if anyone had survived? He hoped that the pilots had been able to make an emergency call to the closest airport before the crash. There was nothing else to do but wait.

  His head continued to throb. He wanted to sleep but knew he had to keep himself awake for an hour to make sure he didn’t have a concussion.

  Matt sat down and looked for his laptop. He found the squished device between the seat and the wall of the plane. His cell phone didn’t work either. When he caught sight of his watch, he noticed that even though it was scratched, it still worked.

  He sat there for an hour, keeping himself awake. The steady and calming rain outside made him tired, but he continued to fight the urge to close his eyes. Everything around him continued to be quiet and creepy. When the hour was over, he couldn’t fight sleep any longer and fell into a deep, restless slumber.


  It was light outside when he woke up again. His head pounded, and he was exhausted. He felt as if he hadn’t slept at all. He glanced at his watch. It was five am.

  Matt moved his head around to get some pain out of his neck and joints and stood up. He walked towards the smashed-in door and tried to open it, but it didn’t move an inch. The cockpit and its broken windows were his only way out of the aircraft. He hurried to the front of the plane, jumped on the dashboard, and climbed through the window hole.

  He found himself in the middle of a forest. A beautiful spring day greeted him. The sun was shining through the green leaves. The air was crisp and warm after the rain from the night before.

  He looked around and spotted a lake with crystal-clear water a few feet away. For the first time since he had left London, Matt realized how thirsty he was. He walked over to the lake and knelt on the shore. He scooped up water with his hands and drank as much as his body would let him. The water was frigid but tasted fantastic.

  Once his thirst was satisfied, he cleaned his wounds and tapped it dry again. He sat in the wet grass and thought about his situation while looking around. The plane had left a path of destruction. It was heartbreaking and sobering. Maybe if he walked through the forest, he would find a village or town where he could ask for help?

  That seemed to be the best solution. Matt didn’t know if anyone was coming for his rescue. Since nobody had shown up so far, he didn’t expect anyone to come soon.

  Matt was hungry and had to seek help as his head was pounding again. He drank more water, got up, and pushed himself through the thick bushes and jungle-like plants.

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