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Skin Dipped 

In a dress to impress

At the edge of the shore like never before. 

Feeling first-rate, she would not hesitate.

The broken chick is no longer a conception of another deception. 

Ready to create her own fate, the lean brunette was prepared to get wet. 

She gave her shoes a kick and her lips a lick, with careful control of her own soul,

A few took notice of the mysterious, dropping her clothes with savory glory, 

Under the astronomy reveling her anatomy. 

At the edge of the shore like never before,

Her soft skin’s sensitivity was immersed in the water subjectively. 

She felt heald as she concealed, letting go of the rattle from her own battle.

No longer a foreigner or a mourner,

She once had wept, now she stepped into the newfound sport, her own resort. 

Without care, she did bear,

At the edge of the shore like never before!

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