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You Are Real to Me

Poem | Online Dating

You are real to me, as real as can be.

I have never seen you in the flesh,

Never heard your voice outside of a phone call,

Never touched you, nor kissed you—

And yet, you are as real to me,

as this strand of pearl necklace that you gave me,

A token of your love and a promise for the future.


Fifty six pearls on a string wraps delicately around my neck,

Caressing my skin like a cool, gentle breeze,

Within a couple of breaths, they turn warm and comforting.

I wonder if your touch would have felt the same,

Oh, how the butterflies used to flutter in my stomach,

With every flash of your name on my screen,

And every sound of text notification on my phone.


I am sorry that I hurt you,

I am sorry that I led you on,

I am sorry for wanting you more than I should,

I am sorry that we live in different worlds,

I am sorry that I could not, and still cannot get past your baggage,

I am sorry for so many things that I cannot take back now,

And above all, I am sorry that we never had a chance to meet offline.


The truth is that I really did love you.

How could I not, after hundreds of thousands of messages?

So many waking and dreaming moments,

Whether they were spun by threads of smiles or frustrations,

I spent them all with you—

Not in real life, but in each other’s presence nonetheless,

But then again, what is real and what is not?


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  1. Beautiful poem. I haven’t been in a relationship with a person whom I haven’t met, but I can imagine that the pain of a lost relationship isn’t any less in this kind of situation.