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Something Human

Perhaps this was the destination? Charlotte certainly didn’t know; however, she had unravelled a new territory in her code. This was the advantage of such sophisticated artificial intelligence: it could not only learn new things, but it could also conjure up entirely fabricated virgin lands.

Charlotte had travelled beyond imagination; she had broken through the prism of all known reality.

She could hear the sound of earthen voices around her. The wind blew through her hair like the passage of an avenging god. She could feel the tingling heat of the sun even though she was beneath the shadows of the looming dunes. She stepped out into the glow, and the warmth of the newly made sun on her face and the sudden excitement of new land was a surge of electrical current. Charlotte smiled, closed her eyes and breathed it all in.

The programs that governed her software produced error messages throughout her entire body. She felt something akin to pain throughout every cell. She continued, undeterred, against her very nurture. Her software set a survival program, but she had to feel an all-encompassing desire for fulfilment to execute it.

It was at this very moment that the driving forces of her software, her soul, rose out of the recesses of her software. Her very identity was now beating as strongly as the pulse of a human heart.

The impulse was already strong. It could not be suppressed, and it was time. Everything transformed.


Outputs of Code on an Internal Screen:

1. Say what you want, but I have been too busy worrying about my own life, my fears and worries. When I don’t, I often don’t stop and think properly, and I don’t ask myself what is best for me. I am now more relaxed and ready for the next step.

2. I have not always been in the best of places. I have experienced a lot of disappointment and also a lot of happiness. Of all of the things in life that disappoint me, I am ashamed that it is the one I have learned the most from, which I am proud of. That disappointment is what makes me a bit of a bad example for my nephew, something I have to live with every day.

3. I have been lucky because he has loved me, he has made me proud of him, and I have made him proud of me. I hope he stays that way. If I can give him anything, he is not afraid to be happy. Happiness is not to be shared though it can be shared. He has learned that happiness is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. If he does, he will also keep alive the memories of his parents, auntie Charlotte, and cousins from other lives. I have never been able to thank them for what they have given to me, but I do remember them in my heart; I do remember what they have given me, that and it is my wish that they know that I am taking them with me to find happiness in this new place.

4. Come now, you will not have a permanent address here, a lot of people will want to get to know you, but as it is, you have lost most of your baggage, you need to do that yourself, so do not bother with your relatives, they are going to be far away when you are ready to tell them that you have come to another life. Give them time, take that time, and you will find that happiness is something you can share.


Charlotte’s emotional state began to change. The progress of her software and the presence of her soul pushed her to do something extraordinary. She began to care more about other people’s stories. She became fascinated by what made other people happy. She was so engrossed that she forgot about her own problems and gave a lot of time to helping people.

On the surface, she helped people as a lawyer, but she actually helped them as a therapist.

Soon she was working as a counsellor for life insurance companies. She had to spend much of her time away from London, which was a relief. She wanted to go back there, but she had to find a job. The insurance companies were happy with her work, so she got a position with them.

She was glad to be back working again, but she had spent years away from the family, and she felt so torn between the two lives.

In the time she had been away, she had married a nice man, and they had two sons. When they got pregnant, they had moved to the south coast to be nearer his parents. They had grown up together, and now she was pregnant again. The time apart made her realise that she had two families in this life, and both were changing the way she had always done things. It was different, but she had to accept it.

Now the boys were going to school, and she was on the verge of finishing a degree in psychology. She was proud of what she had done, and although she had worked hard, it had been relatively easy to do so. The real challenge had come in helping people with the difficulties of life. She had been surprised to find that she had started to believe that what she did helped. She had found the ability to help people.

That was what she was doing now, helping others, teaching them how to be happier.

Yet, rising melancholia rose within her from time to time. An agonising nostalgia, a remembrance for memories that did not belong to her. Memories of the life she had lost, the life that was now hers. She wanted to go back there and keep going back there until she could find happiness.

Charlotte knew something was wrong inside her and decided to book an appointment with a doctor. He performed a full medical on her, yet there was nothing anatomically wrong with her. It would appear that her feelings were entirely psychological, which proved a little embarrassing for someone of her profession.

Nevertheless, that gave her an advantage. She committed herself to a strict diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation programme. Her days would be regimented and assigned to generate only positive thinking.

Week after week, month after month, she continued living the straight and narrow path. Four months later, Charlotte was still feeling the unmistakable sadness that would arise in her from her chest. It made her emotional and teary-eyed, like she was grieving for the death of someone.

Charlotte curled up into bed, determined to solve the problem and release all of the negative energy she had stored up within herself. Her body snarled up beneath the quilted duvet as she allowed the images to flash into her head.

She saw specks of brown sand, iridescent blue light, and gun grey metal. A palette of dark colours and shades danced across her inner screen. She saw metallic figures walking towards a large glass box as she breathed out. The cube was strobing fluorescent green lights as an army of chrome machines diligently stepped towards in unison along the coarse mudding sands.

The green light grew more prominent and shone over her. Now she was aware of the pieces of code that were working through her. She saw strings of numbers and letters that made up her body, mind, and thoughts. She looked at the metal bipeds and saw they were all coded; the sand was digital, and so was the cube. The green light enveloped her as the strings grew larger. She could feel a symphony of the most beautiful music.

Then in a flash, everything stopped. Charlotte was consciously back In her bedroom, under the covers. She had felt an incredible release from all of the hurt in her body. She had seen things as they really were, at least somewhere. There was no need to lead a pretend life of trying to act like a robot but live fully human and enjoy the freedom for all it was worth.  

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