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This futuristic act takes us to some chambers of the world that are still unknown to us, so that we still cannot react to some things as before the old era, where we even fought only with rifles and pistols. Now come some new times full of sorrow where we still seek help from some troops that are not visible to us. Well those tiny little aliens who shoot down all the satellites of the world and create ugly customs that we are disgusted by all the inanimate color environment where Saturn comes before our eyes and creates that egocentric circle along with stars and various characters from history like Napoleon smiling in the ends of our mind map … They make us continue to think thickly and consciously about some things that are not really imaginable and clear to us.

The fact that we live in an era in which nothing can still be clear because of some act that still creates an intoxicating side in the bottom of the soul, people are looking for ways to continue to escape from reality and create for themselves a picture of life that can never be honest and as realistic as we are ourselves, while on some other and dark side somewhere up in space a new life is actually beginning that is not really as great as many think and take for granted.

Everything has become lost and our eyes do not have the power to resonate with X-ray lights all events while in their head there is a chip ready to process all information and laser fight for the survival of the earth as a form of survival and an act of survival, thus creating green blood that it will fall to the ground at the speed of a relay and represent all its lines and contours into one dimensional force which is always an intoxicating double-edged line of life ready for marginalization. We can’t do much about it except watch flying saucers come for us and take us one by one which the old era brought with it because our destinies are nothing but just a map of life that needs to understand that transit time has passed and the breath of life has eternally come to its step from the realization of a dream; to live in the moment the galaxy dreamed of.

Humans have become like zombies and walk reluctantly, while on the other hand they are smart hybrid creatures who want a new beginning and deserve new generations to find out where habitation began and ended due to the human factor where aliens still come in white and gray breaths. and the war continues even worse by destroying strains of people and creating a new wave that carries new life but creates a new one like the seed of a cornfield planted in the lunar lunar orbit of a fateful primordial era.

The glorification of our epoch of life is created that in fact all those tumultuous fictions must be realized only in a moment, but not to be realized if we do not have enough imagination to tailor everything we dream and want as unique utilitarian beings who are subordinate to the ruler Zeus from Egypt. he is still alive like Amon Ra the ruler of the Sun who still comes to us, snatching each of us opportunity and reason even though it is just the universe, a particle born of the existing world, powerfully hybrid and smart – advanced by man himself.

The regrogard energy that still circulates around us through shapes and rings is fictional, because our thoughts are wrapped around a leaf that has no further meaning if it is not invested in the same love as the environment where warriors and comrades do not allow, those from Greeks even have to fight for rights because everything that has emerged is just fiction in our heads about what will happen in a few years because we are not even aware of that. Although times are coming to be much harder but we still believe that everything makes sense if we give life a bright color because fiction is what sustains us all. People struggle with themselves in the end and die in great pain because the life of computing is very difficult, they run away from each other and create for themselves the features of the future that will be more intelligent than this world, but that does not mean everyone will be happy in those colors of the world. It is just a thought that drives us to create life and invites the other side to feel perhaps what is invisible and disproportionate to the eye, and that is our destiny that is always strangely collapsible! We live in an age where we are cut off from everyone, those two thousand and a half years are remembered, but we always remember only memories from the screen while other beings eat us and so we continue the cycle, up far away where we see no one but ourselves and our additive !?

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