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Prayer: August 4, 2022


Allow all beings to enjoy infinite peace and light. With these words allow healing, enlightening, progressive energy to fill the hearts of us all, so that we may process hand in hand into the infinite light that is our Home.

May it come to be that all beings on this Earth and in the Universe effortlessly know we are One in your Heart. May we be fearless in ourselves, may we be courteous to our neighbors, and may we selflessly commune within you. May we realize our likeness in you, may we realize we are you.

Allow love and light to fill the hearts of us all. Give us the courage to trust the Unfolding of this Infinite Universe. Every moment. Breathe. Every moment, breathe through me. An eternity between thoughts. Right now is the greatest moment. Today is the greatest day. Your breath is our life. We are Whole. Holy, holy, holy.

Love and light. Peace, peace, peace, peace… Is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is…

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