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Why “No” is Your Best Friend

Do you feel you have to agree when someone asks you to do something? What if you only do what you truly want and start to look out for yourself.

2022 is a chance to make a fresh start and realize that you matter. Your wellbeing should come first, not because you are selfish, but because you can only support other people if you are healthy and emotionally balanced.

So, dive into self-care without regrets.

No is the way to go

Say “no’ without fearing rejection. It’s true; some people may turn away from you once they see you won’t always do as they like but do you really want someone like that in your life?

If friends only seek benefits from you, maybe you should question whether they’re more like acquaintances instead of your support network or extended family.

When you refuse because you don’t feel well, don’t have the energy for it, or you simply had a bad day, there’s no reason to apologize. We all go through that, and sometimes “no” will reveal your real friends.

Don’t say it casually though, show that you could help at a different time or suggest an alternative. Be firm about not doing something now if it doesn’t feel ok for you. As soon as you do it more often, people will value your time and presence, and your relationships will become more meaningful.

After all, when you say “no,” you don’t close a door; you point out that your voice counts, and in doing so, you are present in the moment.

If you want others to care about you, start looking after yourself. You will soon notice how much that tiny word matters.

© 2022 Amy Christie

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