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Top 10 Reasons to Stop Drinking

1. Your Health– One reason you may consider stopping alcohol is to improve your health. Not only does taking a break from alcohol improve your physical health it also improves your mental health. Since stopping alcohol my physical health, as well as my mental health, has improved. I’ve lost 25 lbs., can breathe better, and walk farther. My blood pressure is great, my anxiety has lessened, and my moods are more stable.

2. Self-Respect-When you stop drinking you gain a tremendous amount of self-respect. You are showing yourself love, kindness, and care. You are saying to yourself “I matter”, “I am important”, “I deserve a good life”.

3. Increase your Confidence– As your sober days add up you will gain confidence in yourself as well as your quit. You will begin believing in yourself. You will realize you can do difficult things and this confidence spills over into all areas of your life. You will find yourself wanting to try new activities and challenges because you start believing you can indeed do hard things. Yes, you CAN!

4 . Strengthen Family Bonds– When you stop drinking, you’ll find the bonds you have with family members may strengthen as they begin to see a new you emerge. You’ll start to gain trust and confidence from those you care for. They will be blown away by the new you.

5. Increased Work Performance– Your work performance will begin to flourish as your mind will start to focus on the job you need to complete instead of thinking about when you’ll have that next drink or planning for that next drunk. You may even find you enjoy work more and start to set workplace goals for yourself. Things that once seemed challenging will become a bit easier as you will be fully present with the task at hand.

6. No More Hangovers– No More Hangovers!!!! How great is that. It’s so amazing to wake up every day with clarity and joy, feeling ready to seize the day.

7. Better Sleep– This takes a bit of time but eventually your sleep will improve, and you’ll no longer be waking up during the dreaded 3 am hour praying for death (or at least more sleep).

8. Be a Better Parent– My relationship with my daughter improved incredibly once I stopped drinking. My daughter trusts me and confides in me. We are so tight now. She’s come to me with things I don’t think she would have if I was still drinking. When we’re talking I am fully engaged with her and not wishing she’d leave me alone so I can drink my beer.

9. Be a Better Spouse-My relationship with my husband also flourished since stopping alcohol. It’s like we’re in love all over again. Our sex life has also improved tremendously.

10. Live Life Fully– It’s not just about stopping alcohol. It’s about creating a new life that is enjoyable and fulfilling. You can choose to go after that long-forgotten dream with enthusiasm and passion. I am now living my dreams daily, doing what I love with my whole heart. I wouldn’t be doing this if alcohol still played a part.

Reach for the Moon, even if you miss you’ll land amongst the Stars. -Lesley Downes

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